The Quran and the expanding universe and the Big Bang theory

In this paper the correlation between 
the origin and expansion of accepted 
scientific explanation of the universe, 
and the description of its origin and 
expansion is defined in the Qur’an

Hubble’s law
For thousands of years, astronomers have struggled with fundamental questions about the universe . Until the early 1920s , it was believed that the universe had always existed , so you set the size of the universe and do not change . However, in 1912 , the American astronomer , Vesto Slipher , made ​​a discovery that could soon change astronomers ‘ beliefs about the universe. Slipher , noticed that the galaxies are moving away from Earth at tremendous speeds. These observations provide the first evidence to support the theory universe expansion. [ The First Three Minutes a modern view of the origin of the universe, Weinberg ]

Before the invention of the telescope in 1608 , the man could do little 
more than wonder about the origin of the universe . (Courtesy NASA)

   In 1916 , Albert Einstein formulated his theory of general relativity that states that the universe must be expanding or contracting . The confirmation of the universal expansion theory finally came in 1929 in the hands of the American astronomer Edwin Hubble known .

   By observing the redshift [When the light emitting object moves toward the red end of the spectrum. ( Http :/ / / APOD / glossary.htm)] at the wavelengths of light emitted by the lengths galaxies , Hubble discovered that galaxies were not fixed in position , on the contrary, actually were moving away from us with their distance proportional to the speed of the Earth ( Hubble’s law ) probability. The only explanation for this observation is that the universe should be expanding . Hubble’s discovery is considered one of the greatest in the history of astronomy. In 1929 , he published the velocity-time which is the basis of modern cosmology . In the coming years , along with other observations , expanding universe theory was accepted by scientists and astronomers.

With the Hooker Telescope , Hubble discovered that galaxies are receding from us . Above are some pictures of known galaxies . (Courtesy NASA)

Surprisingly, however, long before telescopes were even invented and well before Hubble published his Law , Prophet Muhammad used to recite a verse from the Quran to his companions, who finally declared that the universe is expanding.

” And the heaven make us hard , and we are in fact ( its ) expander. ” (Quran 51:47 )

At the time of the revelation of the Qur’an , the word ” space ” was not known, and people use the word “church ” to refer to what is beyond Earth. In this verse , the word “heaven ” refers to the space and the known universe. The verse points out that space, and thus the universe , happens to be expanding as Hubble’s law says .
That the Quran mentioned such a fact centuries before the invention of the first telescope, at a time when there was primitive knowledge of science , is considered remarkable. This is especially true since many people of his time , Prophet Muhammad happened to be illiterate and simply could not have been aware of these facts for yourself . Could it be that actually received the divine revelation of the Creator and the Creator of the universe?
The Big Bang Theory
Soon after Hubble published his theory , he continued to find that not only the galaxies are moving away from the Earth, but also far from the other. This means that the universe came to be expanding in all directions , in the same way a balloon expands when filled with air. Hubble’s discoveries have laid the foundations of the theory of the Big Bang.

States of the Big Bang theory that there are about 12 to 15 billion years of the universe came into existence from a single extremely hot and dense point and something triggered the explosion that caused the point that in the early universe. The universe, since then, has expanded this single point.

Later in 1965 , radio astronomers Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson made ​​a discovery of the Nobel Prize winner , who confirmed the Big Bang theory . Before its discovery, the theory implied that if the only point from which the universe came into existence was first very hot, then must find the remains of this heat. This waste heat is exactly what Penzias and Wilson found . In 1965 , Penzias and Wilson discovered a Kelvin cosmic background radiation 2.725 degrees (CMB ) that spreads across the universe. Therefore, it was understood that the radiation found was a remnant of the early stages of the Big Bang. Currently, the Big Bang theory is accepted by most scientists and astronomers.

A map of the remains of microwaves from the Big Bang that gave birth to the universe  (Courtesy NASA)

It is mentioned in the Quran:
“He ( God) is the Creator of heaven and earth … ” (Quran 6:101 )
“He who created the heavens and the earth can not create the likes of them was yes , and He is the Knowing Creator. Their command only when you want something that said” Be ” and it is. ” (Quran 36:81-82 )
The above verses show that the universe had a beginning, God was behind its creation , and all that God has to do inorder to create that is “being” is . This could be an explanation of what caused the explosion that caused the beginning of the universe ?

The Quran also mentions :
” Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity separate and together and made ​​from water every living thing , then they will believe ” ( Quran 21:30)

Muslim scholars who explained the previous verse mention that the heavens and the earth were once one and so God caused them to separate and form in the seven heavens and the earth . However, due to the limitations of science and technology at the time of the revelation of the Quran ( and for centuries to come ) , no scholar could give more details of how exactly the heavens and the earth was created . That researchers could explain it was the exact meaning of each word in Arabic in the verse, and the general meaning of the verse.

In the above verse, the Arabic words used ratq and fataq . Ratq the word can be translated into “entity” ” sewn to” “joined” or “closed” . The importance of these translations all circulate around something that is mixed and has a separate existence. Fataq verb translates into “We unstitched ” ” We homogeneous parts ” ” We separated ” or ” We open . ” These meanings imply that something comes into being by an act of separation or tearing. The emergence of a seed in the ground is a good example of a similar illustration of the meaning of the verb fataq .

With the introduction of the Big Bang theory , it soon became clear that Muslim scholars that the details mentioned in connection with the theory are identical closely with the description of the creation of the universe , in Chapter 21 verse 30 of the Koran. The theory that all matter in the universe was born from a single extremely hot and dense point , which exploded and caused the creation of the universe , corresponds to what is mentioned in the verse that heaven and earth (and the universe ) , where once together, then divide. Again, the only possible explanation is that the Prophet Muhammad had truly received divine revelation from God , the Creator and the Creator of the universe.

The Quran and the expanding universe and the Big Bang theory

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