The Quran on the Origin of the Universe

Scientific and Quranic explanation
 of the creation of the universe

The science of modern observational and theoretical cosmology , clearly indicates that , at a given point in time , the whole universe was nothing but a cloud of ‘smoke’ (ie , a composition of gas hot dense opaque). 

[The First Three Minutes a modern view of the origin of the Universe, Weinberg , pp. 94-105] Is one of the undisputed principles of standard modern cosmology . 

Scientists now can observe new stars forming out of the remnants of that ‘smoke ‘ (see figures 1 and 2) . Universe

Figure 1: A new star forming out of a cloud of gas and dust ( nebula ) , which is one of the remnants of the “smoke” that was the origin of the universe. ( The Space Atlas , Heather and Henbest , p. 50). Universe

Figure 2: The Lagoon nebula is a cloud of gas and dust , about 60 light years across . He is excited by the ultraviolet radiation of the hot stars that have recently formed within its bulk . ( Horizons, Exploring the Universe , Seeds, plate 9, from Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc.)

Bright stars we see at night were, just as the whole universe, in this matter “smoke” . God says in the Quran:
” Then he turned to the heaven when it was smoke … ” (Quran 41:11 )
Because the earth and the heavens (the sun , moon , stars , planets , galaxies, etc. ) have been formed from this same ‘smoke’ we conclude that the earth and the heavens were one connected entity . Then , from this “smoke” homogeneous , and which are separated from each other. 

God says in the Quran:
“They have not seen the infidels that the heavens 

                     and the earth were one connected entity together 
                     and separate? … ” (Quran 21:30)

Dr. Alfred Kroner is one of the world ‘s renowned geologists . He is professor of geology and director of the Department of Geology , Institute of Geosciences, University of Mainz , Germany. He said : “Thinking where Muhammad came from … I think it is almost impossible for him to have known about things like the origin of the universe , because scientists have found in recent years , with very complicated and advanced technological methods , that this is the case . ” [ the source of this comment is that this is the truth (video) . To obtain a copy of this videotape, please visit this page] ( To view the RealPlayer video of this comment click here ) . also said : 

” Somebody who did not know something about nuclear physics 1400 years ago could not, I think , be able to learn from his own mind for instance that the earth and the heavens had the same origin.” [ This is the truth (video)] ( View the RealPlayer video of this comment) . Quran

The Quran on the Origin of the Universe

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