The Amazing Quran – the view of the Catholic Church of the Qur’an and falsification tests include the past and present

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Is this kind of thing really – that confronting people with facts – that had attracted the attention of many non-Muslims. In fact, there is a very interesting reference on this subject in the New Catholic Encyclopedia . In an article on the topic of the Qur’an , the Catholic Church states :
” Throughout the centuries, many theories have been proposed about the origin of the Qur’an … Today no sensible man accepts any of these theories ! ”
Now here’s secular Catholic Church, which has existed for many centuries , denying these futile attempts to explain the Quran.
Indeed , the Qur’an is a problem for the Catholic Church. He says it is revelation , so they study. Certainly , evidence that it is not be found , but can not. They can not find a viable explanation. But at least they are honest enough in your research and do not accept the first unsubstantiated interpretation which comes along . The Church says that in fourteen centuries it has not yet presented a reasonable explanation. At least admit that the Qur’an is not an easy subject to dismiss. Certainly , other people are much less honest. Quickly say, “Oh , the Qur’an came here Qur’an came from there . . ” And not even examine the credibility of what they say most of the time.
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Of course , this statement by the Catholic Church leaves the everyday Christian in trouble. It maybe he has his own ideas about the origin of the Qur’an , but as a member of the Church , which actually can not act on his own theory. Such action would be contrary to the obedience, allegiance and loyalty to the requirements of the Church. By virtue of its membership , must accept what the Catholic Church declares without question and establish its teachings as part of their daily routine. So in essence , if you say that the Catholic Church as a whole : ” Do not listen to these unconfirmed reports about the Qur’an ,” then what can you say about the Islamic point of view , even if non-Muslims are admitting there is something to the Qur’an – something that should be recognized – why are people so stubborn and defensive and hostile when Muslims advance the same theory This is definitely something for those who have a mind to contemplate – something to ponder for men of understanding ! Church Catholic

Testimony of an intellectual
Recently, the intellectual leader of the Catholic Church – a man by the name of Hans – studied the Qur’an and gave his opinion on what he had read . This man has been around for some time, and that is highly respected in the Catholic Church, and after careful consideration, he shared his findings , concluding , “God has spoken to man through the man , Muhammad .”
Again this is a conclusion drawn by a non -source – Muslim – the great intellectual of the Catholic Church itself !
I do not think that the Pope agrees with him, but nonetheless, the opinion noted that famous public figure must carry some weight in defense of the Muslim position. It must be applauded for facing the reality that the Qur’an is not something that can be easily set aside and that, in fact , God is the source of these words.
As seen from the above information, all possibilities have been exhausted , so the chance of finding another possibility of rejecting the Qur’an is nonexistent.
Burden of proof on Review
If the book is not a revelation , it is a hoax, and if it is a lie , ask: ” What is its origin and where do we cheat ? ” Indeed , the true answers to these questions highlight the authenticity of Quran and silence the bitter unsubstantiated claims of the unbelievers basis .
Certainly , if people are going to insist that the Qur’an is a deception, should present evidence to support this claim . The burden of proof is on them, not us ! One is never supposed to advance a theory without sufficient corroborating facts , so I say, ” Show me a lie Show me where the Qur’an deceives me Show me , otherwise do not say it is a hoax ! ” !
Origin of the Universe and Life
An interesting feature of the Quran is how it deals with surprising phenomena which relate not only to the past but to modern times as well. In essence , the Qur’an is not an old problem. It is still a problem today – not a problem for Muslims it is worth. For every day, every week , every year brings more and more evidence that the Qur’an is a force to be contended with – that its authenticity is no longer to be challenged ! For example , a verse in the Qur’an ( Sura al – Anbiya 21:30) says:
” Do not the unbelievers that the heavens and the earth were homogeneous and then half and made from water every living man will not believe ? “

Ironically , this very information they receive exactly what the Nobel Prize in 1973 – a couple of believers. Church
The Qur’an reveals the origin of the universe – how it began from one piece – and mankind continues to verify this revelation, even up to now . Moreover, the fact that all life comes from water would not have been easy to convince people of fourteen centuries ago . Indeed, if 1400 years ago who had been in the desert and told someone , “All this , we see (pointing to yourself ) , is made up of mostly water , ” no one would have believed .
The evidence that was not available until the invention of the microscope. They had to wait to know that cytoplasm, the basic substance of the cell, is composed of 80 % water. However , evidence has come, and once again the Qur’an stood the test of time.
More information about falsifying test

With reference to the falsification tests mentioned earlier , it is interesting to note that they, too, relate to the past and present . Some of them were used as illustrations of omnipotence and knowledge of God , while others continue to stand as challenges to today. Church
An example of the former is the statement made in the Qur’an about Abu Lahab . It clearly shows that God, the Knower of the Unseen , knew that Abu Lahab would never change his ways and accept Islam. So God gave would be condemned to hell forever . That chapter was both an illustration of God’s divine wisdom and a warning to those who were like Abu Lahab .
People of the Book
An interesting example of the latter type of falsification tests contained in the Qur’an is the verse which mentions the relationship between Muslims and Jews. The verse is careful not to limit the scope of the relationship between individual members of each religion, but rather the relationship between the two populations as a whole is summarized .
In essence, the Qur’an states that the Christians will always treat the Muslims better than the Jews treat Muslims . In fact , the impact of such a statement can only be felt after careful consideration of the true meaning of this verse.
It is true that many Christians and Jews became Muslims , but in general , the Jewish community has clearly demonstrated its hostility to Islam. Moreover, very few people know that such an open declaration in the Qur’an invites . In essence , it is easy for the Jews to prove that the Quran is fake hand – not a divine revelation.

All they have to do is organize themselves, treat the Muslims good for a couple of years and then say : ” Now, what your holy book say about who are your best friends in the world – Jews or Christians Look what Jews have done for you! “
That’s all you have to do to disprove the authenticity of the Quran , but they did 1400 years. But as always , the offer still open!
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The Amazing Quran – the view of the Catholic Church of the Qur’an and falsification tests include the past and present

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