The Amazing Qur’an – an objective approach to investigate the veracity of the Qur’an

A mathematical approach Bee
All the examples given so far in the different angles from which one can approach the Qur’an have undoubtedly been subjective in nature, however, there is another point of view, among others, which is objective and whose basis is mathematical.
Bee How
It is surprising how authentic the Qur’an becomes when one assembles what might be considered a list of good guesses.

Mathematically, it can be explained using guessing and prediction examples. For example, if a person has two choices (ie, one is right and one is wrong), and he closes his eyes and makes a choice, then half the time (ie, half the time) to be Good. Basically, you stand a chance in two, so I could choose the wrong option, or you could make the right decision. Bee How

Now, if the same person has two situations like that (ie, can be good or bad the situation number one, and that could be good or bad the situation number two), and eyes and guesses closes, then he shall be entitled a quarter of the time (that is, one out of four). You now have a one in four chance because now there are three ways for him to be wrong and only one way for him to be fair. Bee In simple terms, it could make the wrong choice in situation number one and then make the wrong choice in situation number two, or you could make the wrong choice in situation number one and then make the right decision in the situation of two, or not I could make the right choice in situation one and then make the wrong choice in situation number two, or you could make the right choice in situation one and then make the right choice in situation number two. Bee How

Of course, the (only case that could be quite right is the last scenario where he could guess correctly in both cases the chances of guessing correctly complete its more important than the number of situations for him to guess has grown to be,. and the mathematical equation representing such a scenario is ½ x ½ (ie, one in two for the first situation multiplied by one time out of two for the second situation). Bee How
Continuing the example, if the same person now has three situations in which to make blind guesses, then there will be only one-eighth of the time (ie, once in eight or ½ x ½ x ½). Again, the choice of the correct choice in all three situations have decreased his chances of being completely correct to only one time in eight years. It should be understood that the increased number of situations, the possibility of the right down to the two phenomena are inversely proportional.
Bee How

Now apply this example to the situation in the Quran, if a list of all the topics on which the Qur’an has made correct statements, it becomes very clear that it is highly unlikely that they were all just correct blind guesses are made. Bee In fact, the matters discussed in the Qur’an are numerous, so the chances of someone just making lucky guesses about all of them become practically nil. If there are a million ways for the Qur’an to be wrong, but every time is correct, then it is unlikely that someone guesses. Bee How Quran
The three examples of subjects about which the Qur’an has made correct statements collectively following illustrate how the Qur’an continues to beat the odds.
Woman Bee
In Chapter 16 (Surat Nahl 16:68-69) the Qur’an mentions that the female bee leaves home in search of food. Now, a person can guess on that, saying, “The bee that you see flying around – it could be a man, or it could be a woman I think I will guess female..” Certainly has a one in two chance of having reason.
Bee Thus it happens that the Qur’an is right. But it also happens that that was not what most people believed at the time the Qur’an was revealed. Bee Can you tell the difference between a male and a female bee Well, to make a specialist is needed, but it was discovered that the male bee never leaves his home in search of food. However, in Shakespeare’s Henry IV, some of the characters discuss bees and mention that the bees are soldiers and have a king that’s what people thought in Shakespeare’s time -. bees flying around are male bees and they go home and answer to a king. Bee 

However, this is not true at all. The fact is that they are women, and they respond to a queen. however, it took modern scientific investigations in the last 300 years to discover that this is the case. Bee How
So back to the list of good guesses, concerning the topic of bees, the Qur’an had a 50/50 chance of being right mix, and probably every other.
Bee Quran
Besides the issue of bees, the Qur’an also discusses the sun and how it moves through space. Again, a person can guess on that subject. When the sun moves in space, there are two options: you can fly like a stone would travel if tossed, is able to move on their own.
Bee The Qur’an states the latter – that moves at its own initiative (Sura – Anbiya 21:33). For the Qur’an uses a form of the word Sabaha to describe the sun’s movement in space. To assure the reader a comprehensive understanding properly the implications of this Arabic verb, the following example is given. Bee How Quran

If a man is in water and the verb Sabaha applies in reference to his movement, we can understand that swimming, moving of his own accord and not by a direct force applied to him. Thus when this verb is used in reference to the movement of the sun in space, this does not mean that the sun is flying uncontrollably through space as a result of being thrown or similar. Bee How Quran
This simply means that the sun rotates and moves. Now, this is what the Qur’an affirms, but was it an easy thing to discover? No one can say that the sun rotates? Only in modern times was the equipment made available to project the Sun’s image on a table so that you can see without being dazzled. And through this process it was discovered that there is only spots on the sun but that these spots move once every 25 days.
Bee This movement is regarded as the Sun’s rotation around its axis and conclusively proves that, as the Qur’an stated 1400 years ago, the sun indeed turn as it moves through space. Bee How
And back again the subject of good guesses, the chances of succeeding in both subjects – the sex of bees and the movement of the sun – are one in four!
Bee Quran

The Amazing Qur’an – an objective approach to investigate the veracity of the Qur’an

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