How Islam differs from other religions? P 2

Some of the unique features of Islam are 
not in other belief systems and lifestyles

Balance between the individual and society
Islam religions

Another unique feature of Islam is that it establishes a balance between individualism and collectivism . He believes in the personality of man and holds personally responsible for all God . religions

The Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him, said: Islam how
“Each of you is a guardian and responsible for what is in his custody regime is a guardian of his subjects and responsible for them , a husband is a guardian of his family and is responsible , . A lady is a guardian of her husband ‘s house and is responsible , and a servant is a guardian of his master ‘s property and is responsible.”
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I heard the Apostle of God and I think the Prophet also said : ” A man is a guardian of the property of his father, and is responsible , if all of you are guardians and responsible for your wards and things under your care .” ( Sahih al- Bukhari , Sahih Muslim)
Islam also guarantees fundamental rights and not allow anyone to tamper . It is the proper development of the personality of man one of the main objectives of its educational policy . Do you agree with the idea that man must lose his individuality in society or in the state.
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In Islam, all men are equal, regardless of color , language, race or nationality. It targets the conscience of humanity and banishes all false barriers of race , social status and wealth. He cannot deny the fact that these barriers have always existed and continue to exist today in the so-called enlightened age . Islam removes all these barriers and proclaims the ideal of all humanity one family of God.
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Islam is a perspective and international focus and does not admit barriers and distinctions based on color, clan , blood, or territory , as was the case before the advent of Muhammad .

Unfortunately , these prejudices remain rampant in different forms, even in this modern era. Islam wants to unite all humanity under one banner . In a world torn by national rivalries and enmities , presents a message of life and hope and a glorious future. religions How
The historian AJ Toynbee, has some interesting observations to make about it. In Civilization on Trial , writes: ” Two visible sources of danger – a psychological team and the other – in the current relationship of this cosmopolitan proletariat is the [ westernized humanity ] with the dominant element in our western society are modern consciousness of the race and alcohol, and fighting with each of these evils the Islamic spirit has a service to render which might prove, if accepted, that have a high moral and social value.
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The extinction of race consciousness between Muslims is one of the corporation’s outstanding achievements of Islam and in the contemporary world , which is , as usual, a compelling need for the propagation of this Islamic virtue … It is possible that the spirit of Islam might be the timely reinforcement decide this issue in favor of tolerance and peace. religions How
As for the evil of alcohol, which is at its worst among primitive populations in tropical regions ” offer ” by the company in the West.
How Islam
The fact is that even the statesman imposed by an external authority preventive measures are not capable of releasing a community of a social vice unless a desire for freedom and the will to pursue this desire to voluntary action on his own part awoke in the heart of the people involved. Now, the directors of the West, at least the Anglo – Saxon “are spiritually isolated from their neighborhoods,” natives ” by the ” color barrier ” that physical awareness created race, the conversion of indigenous souls is a task which can hardly expect your competition to expand and is at this point that Islam may have a role to play.
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In these tropical western civilization territories recently and quickly “open” has been an economic and political heart and in the same breath, a social and spiritual emptiness .
How Islam

Here, then , at the forefront in the future, we can see two valuable influences which Islam may exert upon the cosmopolitan proletariat of a Western society that has cast its net around the world and embraced all humanity while in a future farther than we can speculate on the possible contributions of Islam to a new manifestation of religion.” How Islam
Permanence and change
The elements of permanence and change coexist in human society and culture, and should remain so. Ideologies and cultural systems have erred in leaning heavily towards one or other of these ends of the equation. Too much emphasis on permanence makes the system rigid and deprives it of flexibility and progress, while the lack of permanent values and unchanging elements generate moral relativism , inform, and anarchy.
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What is needed is a balance between the two – one that could meet the requirements of permanence and change simultaneously. An American judge , Judge Cardozo, rightly said that ” the greatest need of our time is a philosophy that mediate between the conflicting demands of stability and progress and provide a principle of growth. ” Islam is an ideology , meets the requirements stability and change.
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Further reflection reveals that life has within it elements of permanence and change – that is neither too rigid and inflexible that it cannot accept any changes, even in matters of detail , and it is so flexible and fluid that even its features no permanent distinctive character of its own. This is evident by observing the process of physiological changes in the human body , all tissues of the body changes a number of times in your life, even if the person remains the same . The leaves, flowers and fruits of a tree change, but his character remains unchanged . It is a law of life that elements of permanence and change must coexist in a harmonious equation. How

Only a system of that kind of life you can provide these two elements can fulfill all desires of human nature and the needs of human society . How Islam
The fundamental problems of life are the same in all ages and climates , but the ways and means for them and management techniques to solve the phenomenon undergo change over time. Islam brings a new perspective to approach this problem and tries to solve realistically.
How Islam
The Quran and the Sunnah contain the eternal guidance given by the Lord of the universe. This guide comes from God, who is free from the limitations of space and time and as such , the principles of individual and social behavior revealed by Him are based in reality and are eternal.
But God has revealed only broad principles and has given man the freedom to apply at all times properly the spirit and conditions of this age. It is through ijtihad ( intellectual effort to get to the truth ) that people of all ages try to implement and apply divine guidance to the problems of his time. Therefore, the basic orientation is permanent , while the method of their application can change depending on the specific needs of all ages. That is why Islam remains as fresh and modern as tomorrow morning .
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Last but not least, is the fact that the teachings of Islam have been preserved in their original form. Consequently , God’s guidance is available at no alterations of any kind. The Quran is the revealed book and word of God , which has been in existence since 1400 years ago. It is still available in its original form . Detailed accounts of the life and teachings of the prophet are available in their original purity. Yet there has been a change in this unique historical record.
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The words and complete record of the Prophet’s life have come down to us with unprecedented accuracy and authenticity of the works of Hadith and Sira ( biography of the Prophet). Even a number of non – critical – Muslims admit that fact speaks for itself .

Some of the unique features of Islam that establish their credentials as the religion of modern man religion and the religion of the future.How Islam
These aspects have appealed to millions of people in the past and present, and have said that Islam is the religion of truth and the right path for humanity. There is no doubt that these issues will continue to attract more people in the future . Men with pure and sincere hearts desire for truth will always keep saying
How Islam
 ” I affirm that there is no god but God , He is One , share authority with anyone, and I say that Muhammad is His slave and His Prophet . “

Here we would like to conclude with the following words that George Bernard Shaw was quoted as saying : How Islam 
I’ve always been the religion of Muhammad in high esteem for its wonderful vitality. It is the only religion which appears to me to possess that assimilating capacity to the changing phase of existence, which makes it attractive for all ages .
I have studied – the wonderful man – and in my opinion far from being an anti – Christ, he must be called the Savior of mankind . I think if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world , he would succeed in solving its problems in order to bring peace and happiness , as needed. I have prophesied about the faith of Muhammad that it would be acceptable to the Europe of tomorrow as it is beginning to be acceptable to the Europe of today.

How Islam differs from other religions? P 2

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