What really is on the way to break the glass ceiling?

In a country where it says “all men are created equal ” , it seems impossible to have glass ceilings . However, each year articles and workshops designed to help women and minorities in this unbridgeable gap threshold occur. break
Now that would be considered a minority , I would talk openly about it. It may be a biased viewpoint . However, I think everyone should consider more than one point of view before assigning blame to one party.

I recently saw a movie called Margin Call . The film seems to be about Bear Sterns just before it collapses . In the film, a guy working on a formula that has identified the potential loss of the brokerage firm would face if the mortgage back securities lost value . When an analyst realized that the last two weeks were the point of failure , warned his manager immediately . Between 23:00 and 06:30 , the director , CEO and their direct reports meet and discuss next steps.
Throughout the film have made ​​a series of very difficult decisions . And these decisions are said to be in the best interest of the organization.
Although I do not have any interest to approve or reject decisions , is a much bigger problem . The film was about how leaders lead . Anyone can lead in good times . What deal with chaos ? This is when you see the true colors of leadership.
What does this have to do with the glass ceiling ? Everything ! Most people spend their lives searching for nirvana. People talk about how they want everything around is harmonious. At the same time , when chaos occurs, these same people get angry and lose focus .

The top of the scale rises in business or politics more chaos. Therefore, the high-level posts can create an unsolvable problem for most people . To break the glass ceiling , it must be effective in handling problems. To effectively manage the problems , he can not see himself as a victim. If you do, you are sure to fail. what
Too often , women and minorities feel when faced with a difficult time it is due to discrimination. As a result , they spend more time focusing on what is wrong and why they are victims.
If , however , you spent time to train and develop to handle anything , no alteration would be chaotic . They are presented as an event that happened . At this point, the only goal is what is missing and what needs to happen to fill what is missing.

In the movie I saw when the CEO realized the magnitude of the problem, he concentrated on what he had to do to solve or mitigate the impending disaster . The decisions we took were urgent and difficult. To an observer , it may appear that was not natural. Except, that would be wrong . Exceptional leaders who do well in chaos early enough have been developed. what
That said, once you are ready for the highest levels of leadership, you will notice that there is no glass ceiling in the 21st century. Therefore, the glass ceiling is in his mind and the only thing stopping you is you and your mind . When you complain about a glass ceiling , which assumes that there is something wrong . This mindset can set you see yourself as a victim in an insoluble situation. And you will spend all your time looking for evidence of the victim, instead of resolving the dilemma.

If you aspire to reach higher levels in your career , focus on developing a new way of thinking and behavior. Why? Because knowledge is shaping actions . Actions are determined by the behavior and mental models that has – inherited from their environment.
What are the beliefs and behaviors are willing to let go?
Let today be the first day to become the person you always wanted to be.
glass ceiling

What really is on the way to break the glass ceiling?

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