Three simple strategies to spend more time doing what you love

I spoke with hundreds of business owners over the years and have found some common ground between them when it comes to not being able to spend so much time doing what they love their business.strategies
Many business owners start a business because they are passionate about or really good at something and want to share with the world . As you start to build your business and get caught up in the day and the day of running your business , which sometimes can be consumed and you can again feel your business instead of love.
If you want to get the passion back in your business and spend more time doing what you like , there are 3 key strategies that can be implemented immediately.
1- Create a system for everything you do in your business . 

= Systems freedom in business and systems = money in the business. If you do something in your business more than once , you must create a system in order to get it done , allowing you to not think of what to do , how to do and allows you to delegate all or part of it to another person . J super simple . simple
2- Document what you do. 

If you want to have a business to run smoothly and efficiently , then you need to document what it is you do . Standard operating procedure (SOP ) to manage your business is necessary .strategies
No matter if you are a business man / woman or if you have 50 people on your team , you need to document the system , it may be an original work , but once you document you must not think that goes hand in hand with creating systems in your business.
3– Get professional assistance.
I understand when starting your business , you may not have the same budget as the incumbent , however , if you really want to grow your business, you can not do it all on your own. Once you have documented the process of what needs to be done , you can hand off the task to someone else , as a virtual assistant or PDA or whatever .
The application of these three strategies in your business will free the masses of time in your day , allowing you to open your calendar for things that you really like in your company , rather than the tasks that must be performed in order to lead a successful business.

Three simple strategies to spend more time doing what you love

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