How Rock Absolutely your job interview in 3 steps: Today ” Mindset “

Thus, your network, your resume and cover letter have laid the foundations for success: only he was invited to a job interview ! Ideal for you. But here’s the real challenge : mastering the interview and cleaning work. This part of the application process , however, seems to be the most daunting task for most of us . How
What will they ask? 

Will I look stupid if I have the “right” answers they want to hear ? What if I ‘m too nervous to make a good impression ?
Everyone can do it !
The good news is : 

Everyone can do with a little practice. At this stage of my career coaching clients often say, “Easy for you to say to deal with this every day , and you have no idea how nervous I get. ” . Well, actually , I know how people get nervous , because often interviewed train with very nervous people, and most importantly , I am not a “natural talent” and managed to get sell decently. job
But back to the point :
Their thinking
The most important factor to do , safe and competent professional impression during your interview is your mood (please note that a good knowledge of the target company would be number one if it was not so evident worldwide).
People with poor school performance in interviews tend to have the mindset of a student who is studying in an oral examination and “please” the authors at all costs not to get a bad grade . Obviously we can not do too well with that mindset .

The word “interview” may also join this kind of mentality . The Free Dictionary defines an interview as follows :
” A formal meeting in which one or more persons , consult, or evaluate another person . “
Aha! Do you see where is the problem ? The interview situation is described as ” a situation in a way. ” An applicant just sits there and has to offer. Wrong!
While the interview certainly serves to request more information about you and your knowledge , they are certainly capable of conducting his own interview here. Also right to question , query and evaluate the other person .
Did you go to work for this person, for example, for the next five years?
The employer is willing to ” invest” in their training and professional development?
The job provides the opportunity to develop your career?
It is your duty in the interview to gather enough information to put you in the position of deciding whether or not the employer passes the test ! Yes , it’s true . At the end of the interview, it may happen that the employer an offer will be extended to you , but you may not be happy with the service, and therefore decrease !

This is just a small adjustment in your thinking , but has given exceptional results for my clients. And the best: it works for everyone , with one condition: you must be willing to failure of the employer if you do not like what you hear. In step 2, the question of ” nervousness ” is discussed . Make sure you do not miss . How

How Rock Absolutely your job interview in 3 steps: Today ” Mindset “

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