A normal day in the life of a flight attendant

What is a typical day in the life of a flight attendant ? 
It could be a flight to New York intercontentinal or just running flights to Athens . Working for a traditional European airline makes me proud . However, I have never had such a difficult task . Each flight is special , you never know what will happen by the constant flow of new passengers , new teammates , and destinations. In the life of a flight attendant, new challenges arise every day.
Monday 11:00 Check -In
Today I have a flight to Miami. Off time is 13 hours, so that should be the basis of the team two hours before flight departure to connect our base crew is a fascinating place , both members of the cabin crew and pilots are walking . It is an environment that is hard to describe. Ninety minutes before the flight, the crew of the wheel takes place. For a long-haul flight , the cabin crew has ten members . First, everyone is welcome, although often not know any of the crew , I always feel very welcomed me from the beginning. 

During the briefing, the main cabin , which is on the head of the cabin crew , with all the facts and figures about the flight, the number of passengers in each class, all special meals and special passengers as travelers frequent or needs of passengers with special needs. Then , we discuss a security issue . It is important to always remember safety procedures in case of emergency. The workstations are assigned and each member of the cabin crew is responsible for a particular area . The captain and first officer closing briefing detailing the issues related to security , the flight time and weather conditions . life
Before passengers can board the plane , we must first make the verification of safety equipment and make sure everything is loaded. Missing material can have disastrous consequences . Distribute blankets, pillows and a helmet is part of the preparation of the cabin.
Now when the car is ready, we are finally ready for boarding , a process that is sometimes the most stressful part of a flight. Since the trunk space is limited , some baggage must be labeled and discussion can occur.

When the overhead bins are closed, the video shows up , and we’re ready for takeoff. Once we arrived at our level flight and seat of sign – place the belt off , we begin to prepare our trolleys ” snack” . Who said tomato juice tastes better in the air, he is a liar . However, many passengers do me and tomato juice to believe it. After complain they do not like and want more . Anyway, after a snack a hot meal followed by coffee and tea is served.life

During a flight that lasts more than ten hours , a rest period is required for the crew. In the middle of the plane , is the door leading to the crew berth is equipped with six beds . The compartment is very small, but if a crew member is very tired , is the ideal place to sleep.
During the flight , problems arise . I hear the announcement ” 30A medical case . ” Immediately I went to the seat and announced discovers tourism having trouble breathing. They bring oxygen and instantly take care of it . Fortunately , it subsides quickly . Medical problems do not always work out so easily , however , on another flight , a passenger who had a heart attack died .

The rest of the cruise flight without further incident. Two hours before landing in Miami, we serve dinner. All passengers are tired , including cabin crew . We cleaned the cabin and ready for landing. life
After the immigration process , our team headed to the hotel. In a call, the airline offers a hotel room each crew member . Our Miami hotel is across from the beach and has a pool. But we only have 24 hours to take advantage of these facilities before flying back. I can go have a beer after work with some colleagues . It is very common in our society to end the work of a hard day with a nice dinner and a few drinks.
The flight back was pretty quiet. We landed on time and everyone is happy to be back . All I have left to do is check on the computer and say goodbye to my team, and I’m ready to go home and enjoy my three days off.

A normal day in the life of a flight attendant

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