Why College dropouts earn money online and you are not

How different things to a hundred years ago? How people make
money, what was his state of mind, and how it compares to people
today? earn
Take a look back to the past.
The Industrial Revolution
You may think that this is irrelevant, but stay with me and see how it is.
Back “in the day” of the industrial revolution was underway, some people have tried to deny their power, they felt it would be very little, or accident, or spray. These are the people who clung to the past, family – forms of tradition. The thing is, you can feel that mentality is ridiculous, but people are just as guilty than ever before.
They have adapted to the changes brought by the industrial revolution are the same people who refuse to adapt to the way to make money today.
Today, it is clear that the days of having a job “safe”, “safe” paycheck, and “secure” retirement is a thing of the past.
Opportunities were abundant at the time, but unlike today, were never implemented. They had no Internet, no photo of electronics, televisions, cell phones, and social media, so today – the information age – there is a clear advantage over many years … what attitudes similarly?
That’s really what it comes down to: STATE OF MIND.
At that time, people cling to the old agriculture, and now people cling to traditional ways of life.

Their mentality is  earn
You dropped out of college to become billionaires, and people having graduated from famous universities and end up in car retail or sale, mattresses, sofas, or anything else. What is the difference here? What is the state of mind that allows these children to start earning money straight out of college, even if you have graduated?

Here are some: money

They believe in themselves earn

They are not afraid of working

They have no fear of failure

Most people try fruitless effort. They automatically believe something does not work, so “try”. This is so they can say they made a kind of attempt did not work, does not operate, or must be a scam. Let’s say you are just going to “try” is a presupposition failure. Basically what you are saying is that you just hook carefully and work part – her ass. 

Or to do or not do. earn
Successful people do not do that. Successful people take responsibility, learn all they can from their failures. In fact, the most successful people fail many times before succeeding. They do not give up, and failure discourages discourage where 98% of all others. They are driven to achieve their goals, and they do.
Change over time
When you say stupid lines like, “Well, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks”, all they do is make excuses for not being better. This is all about to reject responsibility and become complacent – to say that you want to succeed, but not willing to change or do whatever it takes to get there.

What it means to change over time? money

For example:
You work for a company that practices this type of marketing techniques …

The advertising and selling door to door

Cold calling and perspective to run online

constant advertising in Yellow Pages

Sales of unit  earn

Are you marketing and sales techniques work? Yes, but times have changed dramatically and these techniques are extremely outdated. When is the last time you actually looked through the Yellow Pages directory?

Do you like being called a cold? earn
How do you like when strangers come knocking on your door to sell you something?
Nobody likes that kind of thing, so why do not succeed in business today? Because people have learned in the past and do not innovate, do not argue, do not open their minds to move forward.
Today, the choices are vast and far better than the other just mentioned. This is to bring prospects to you, friendly and customer-oriented, and not chasing hard sell.
Need an idea of what I mean? Here are some innovative sales points of modern times:

The pay per click advertising earn

The pay-per-view


Social media marketing

Connecting with customers through Facebook and Twitter

Video Marketing Online

Another example is the way to make a living to ensure their future is in:

rely solely on your 9-5 job to maintain your lifestyle

Allow the government to take much of your earned income, even before touching

The use of the strategy of “park and pray” for retirement instead of leverage strategies to work harder for you online
These are just some examples of small, but the people who succeed in the information age are embracing these new technologies, innovate and use (and more) to achieve the lifestyle you want and deserve.
He is adapting to a changing tide. Those that adapt will flourish and experience a great success. Those who will not have to fight and lose in the sea with the other 98% of people who have failed to adapt and innovate.

You can blame all you want for your sins, and you can assume that students who are successful hit “more in tune with the times,” but if that’s what you believe, then you’re just wrong. online
You must take responsibility for his life and his beliefs, because no one else is to blame for where you are, except you. These children may be less successful “baggage”, but guess what? You can take your luggage and enjoy their own positive life experiences. You can change your life and have as much success as these students, and more.

Success Do what you think you’re too good to do
You could buy a training course on how to succeed online, but do you actually use? Maybe he did, and if so, congratulations! However, chances are you have not, because statistically, 90% of people who buy a self-help guide the company or even start with him.
Of the remaining 10%, only half even ends through the guide. This means that 5% of the total, or guide the course will be completed, then 2% actually take action. Only 1% will stay with her, follow the instructions to the letter, and make it work for them because they believe in themselves and are not afraid to fail.

You must be committed to success, and if that means hard work, and that success is really what you want, you are ready to put in the work and success of their reality. If you’re not ready, then you can sit on the sidelines and watch college dropouts to achieve massive success, while you complain about how impossible it is for you. earn
The truth is that success is quite possible that everyone, including you, once you decide to participate.

Did you know that 95% of home businesses fail due to lack of staff training and do not use tools appropriate Internet marketing?
You should get the personal support of people who actually make a living online?

Why College dropouts earn money online and you are not

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