Skills Vs Qualities

Qualities are good. The skills are acquired. The question is what should be the channel?
Is it better to make your skills and make your skills or is more feasible to identify the skills required by the market , and then absorb them?
The answer is debatable. I mean should depend on what your goal in life is , that is, if you want to become a success or someone you success. If you want to make a living or earn what you deserve and you can have in a lifetime .
Communication skills in high demand , interpersonal skills , management skills , technical skills can be learned , but to excel in them, must be supported with intrinsic qualities .

The pursuit of quality is generally good , you know, because that’s what comes naturally to you , you excel as a presentation of their intrinsic qualities , while skills are taught and learned from , looks like a master task and then perform. Qualities alone are not all that you can support with qualities must be practiced and maintained in otherwise their fall lost. You need to maintain contact with their gifted qualities keep forever . So my first advice is that if you can make your own professional gifted in being, then nothing like it. But the theoretical tip on the other end must be something like ” Master your skills to the point where eventually become his qualities. ” Or better yet is to “make a perfect combination of qualities and skills that you do unbeatable when test the versatility and attention.” Vs

This is how to be today. You have to be the guy who is able to work fun. 

You need to ensure that your leisure qualities related to his office. Use them to give the necessary impetus that has the potential to make you outshine others . These hobbies could mean listening to music while working for some and participate in sports and cultural activities like work when given the opportunity . Vs
Even if you can not do , never give up on your skills . They are what you do , you. It is kind of you define . And you should trust them for the same reason .

For example , since I was a kid, I really sing well, it is a quality that I inherited from my parents.

Now, I could have done a jurisdiction having obtained vocational training and have polished my quality but not elected because she wanted more than the song of life . So I have not made ​​a career as a singer, but never stopped singing well . I sing to evacuate , I sing when I’m stressed or upset , my quality motivates me and helps me in difficult times while still working skills that make me employable. Vs

This is my perfect balance , that’s what I want to be a professional singer , you know . Qualities should complement your skills or vice versa. They should serve you well in times when it breaks – free . Should motivate you through the bone , so they are considered ” gifted” . So , in short, is one of those debates where the conclusion is always ” finding a balance is key. ” Then it’s time to choose your balance, and do not forget to share it with us when it does

Skills Vs Qualities

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