Introverts Holiday Survival Guide – 7 Tips to prevent you from becoming a Grinch

Tips Yesterday, I was an introvert , I say some of the friends of long standing . She did not want to go. In fact , I was afraid and perspectives afraid to say “no” . I think it had a good case of bubonic plague. Holiday Tips
Does this sound like you?
Instead of avoiding the various social gatherings this month , try some of these ideas:
1 – Focus on the positive – If it is a holiday Christmas party from work or in the neighborhood, there must be at least one positive thing I can think of. You can get to know someone better, good food and new equipment you want to buy . You control how you think about these things , choose something you like and make your home .
2 – Consider a single person the whole group. Introverts can easily get overwhelmed with the idea of ​​going out with a group of people who do not know . Think of a person you get to spend time. Maybe this is the job that you like to work. It will give you a chance to reconnect with someone you love , but perhaps lost touch with .
3 – Do not try to work the room. Not what you are so you do not even go there.
4 – Pause . Our energy is used to be quick around people that you should plan on retiring to a quiet place. I just spent some time in their own thoughts and take a break can help you get hired and positive for the rest of the event.
Holiday Tips
5 – Create your strategy. One thing that introverts are great to think and plan . Think ahead about the parts you do not like going to a festive event. Then think of ways you can improve your performance or prospects . Everyone is different with the things we fear. Some people prefer just to watch TV or read a book . If this is the case , think about your favorite books programs or television.
Holiday Tips
6 –
Use the event as an experience. Take the character of Thomas Edison. Had 10,000 failed experiments , but never thought of them as failures. He considers them as opportunities to learn and improve. Find a couple of things you like to do differently and try. He’s not going to kill you and you can just be the thing to turn your view of these things.
7 – Admit that you are a foreigner . I recently tried something that worked very well . I approached a group and asked : ” a new person in town can participate ” Everyone gave me a rustic house and asked me all sorts of questions of the “new person.” I felt very warm and fuzzy afterwards.
Holiday Tips
You can never be totally in love with partying . I know I’m not . I think we should aim to have fun while you’re there . I think these tips can help improve your outlook .

Introverts Holiday Survival Guide – 7 Tips to prevent you from becoming a Grinch

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