Blogging Tips to help you bag that journalism

Tips If you are of the belief that blogging is just another extracurricular activity as a journalist , it’s time to rethink that. In fact, most experienced foreign correspondents believe that not having a blog is what could be the factor that excludes a number of jobs in journalism. Tips
When you create a blog so that you can optimize the work opportunities open journalism , this is what you should consider –

1) Be clear about who your audience Tips

2) Be clear about why you are writing this blog

3) Understand how much you are willing to compromise.

Knowing your audience and see if it really has is an effective way to cut through the competition and make sure your content is unique and not repetitive. For example , instead of writing mundane articles like ” How to be a journalist,” and assuming that your audience consists of only industry peers , expand your horizons and create content for your readers demand . Blogging

Make your blog stand out Tips
In searching for jobs in journalism, your blog is probably the only platform through which you can develop your skills in research , inference , accumulation and written content . Make sure your blog gets to a significant extent . Place in relevant directories that match the area you intend to venture into journalism. You can also create a summary of your blog and share with other news sites and newsletters for publication.Tips

Leverage your skills in journalism
It is common to see blogs that are so fond . Just give your blog a more professional approach can put you ahead of the game. Think of this platform a virtual path to stand up and give a speech to a group of people who really want to make an impression on .

Be consistent and persistent
If your audience is able to see that you have written on this topic regularly on your blog and also search for a specific discipline through their activities on social media , you will be able to inspire some level of trust and authority in a subject. This means that also look at you as someone they feel confident to hire counsel or write about what they needed.

This is not a one man show
Remember that in these times social, your blog is more than a single exposure.

Always seek the advice writing a message. If you write about why the United States needs to control firearms , finish your post with questions that encourage responses . This gives you the opportunity to interact with your readers and potential employers. Tips

Make sure that you are also promoting their social media pages so it’s easier for readers and employers to contact you .

Find ways to promote your blog on other blogs. Start following similar bloggers , network with their peers in a way that you are able to stand out in the clutter . Tips
It is important that you create relationships between social media platforms to interact with potential employers is easier. With these simple blogging tools , you can drive your successful career in journalism .

Blogging Tips to help you bag that journalism

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2 Responses to Blogging Tips to help you bag that journalism

  1. It all depends on whether you write for a living for pay or whether you write for truth or not. To me, with true journalism there is no compromise. You write what is true and it doesn’t matter who likes it or not. But then paychecks are nice and in those cases you probably have to write what someone else wants you to write.

    I remember once, submitting a story to a local paper. And it was with good photographs of a child’s inflatable bouncy house collapsing on the children. The local paper , turns out, was more of an “advertising ” paper and they did not print the picture nore the short story because the community group that was hosting the fair (with the bouncy house) was one of their largest advertisers. So, news goes down the drain if you submit the story to the wrong “news” paper.

    Learning which are real papers and which are advertising papers–that helps when submitting stories,photos or articles.

  2. 2. AND this was also a good lesson in “where ” to take your news from . Check your local papers. There are some that are real newspapers and there are others that are just there to make the dollars from their advertising incomes.

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