Stern-Hitting Job Interview Questions and Answers for New company

1) Why do you want to leave your current job?

In general , focus on why you is moving towards a better opportunity and not why you want to leave your current job . I’ve seen too many candidates misused the mouth of a current or former employer or cite money as a motivator to them looking for a new position. company
This immediately sent red flags with hiring managers that can speak ill of their business in the future or leave message when I get a better paying job . This question is usually to try to see how your needs the job for which you are applying. This is why it is important not to go into detail about aspects of your work you are not happy with .

I once had a candidate for a job interview for a sales position . When he was asked why he left his current position, he did not want to work directly with the customers. Unfortunately , I had not even interviewed for a customer service call center and still dealing with customers . 

Needless to say he did not get the job.

The best way to answer this question:

Expressing the desire for greater responsibility and challenge in their work.

– Indicate that you are looking for an opportunity to use certain skills or talents are underused in their current position . company}}}

Speak well of your current or recent employer and discuss your accomplishments on paper.

Include a reason how this role you are applying for, and society will be a better choice for what you are looking for.

Example: “I was at my current company for four years and have learned a lot from some colleagues talented , I was promoted to lead the sales team, which helped me increase sales force by 25 % , but I’m starting to feel . I need a new challenge. This position allows me to manage a large team and allow me to work directly with large corporate customers. “company

2) Why you want to work for this company?

Too many job seekers blow their chances in the interview by doing your research on the company beforehand. Before going to an interview , you should know all there on the website of the company as well as the latest news and statistics on society. The more you learn , the better your chances will be to excel in the interview. company

At least 75 % of employers site knows enough about the company as one of the main reasons for moving to a job applicant . This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge of the company and show the interviewer that you really want to work for this company and not just shooting resume to any job openings find you . company
It shows the interviewer that you understand the core values ​​of the company and would be a good fit with the objectives and corporate culture .


Try to include at least one specific detail about the company that shows you have done your research . If the company has a great corporate volunteer program , highlight the volunteer work you’ve done in the past and express the desire to participate. company
I once had a candidate for office said he loved the annual golf tournament of the company with customers, and also prefer to build positive relationships with customers outside the traditional workplace. This showed that he knew some of the key events in the company sponsors and would fit well in the environment.

Example: ” I ​​want to work for this company because it meets all what I was looking for an employer , I have seen good reviews about this company being a family – very much geared only and appreciation of the benefits that employees want to work .. with one of the leading advertising and I love the creative genius that comes from the company’s business . “

3) What is your greatest achievement?

Although this issue leaves the possibility of discussing a personal achievement , remember to always be associated with the work , unless you have no previous work experience. Select an achievement that is fairly recent and identify the skills used for success and the positive impact it has had on the company. It is always better if relevant to the position for which you are applying and hiring managers can see how you can benefit directly from the company if hired . company


Choose your greatest achievement that is relevant to the skills and qualities needed to succeed in the role for which you are applying. Job
– Be specific about a problem that existed and what you did to resolve this problem or improve the situation and indicate the overall benefit it had on society.

Example: ” In the previous company I worked , we had a small percentage of customers who buy products to show Product overview pages After starting the research on the subject , I have developed a new page available product that has more attention to buying finished products .. ‘s sales increased 50 % during the first 6 months.” Job

4) What are three positive things your former boss / current would say about you ?

This is certainly not the time to be modest . This is a chance to show that through the words of another person. Your boss probably give you praise in the past, so this is the time to get all these quotes . Needless to say , but just make positive that his boss told him things. No need to raise the critical boss did or times when your boss was not happy with his performance . My best advice is to make a list of positive things to their bosses and colleagues have said about you in the past and be willing to speak up . Job

Example: ” My boss told me that I am the creative director of the advertising, never had He knows he can count on me to get projects on a tight schedule and can work effectively with customers to meet their expectations .. “

5) What drives you to achieve your goals in the workplace ?

In this question, hiring managers want to know that you are not just motivated by money or status , but are motivated to succeed for their own personal benefit and to the general satisfaction of the company . If you care only for a raise , then it is likely that if the company has overcome a difficult exercise and should cut annual premiums . Hiring managers want a glimpse of what the industry than money . Employees who have other reasons why they are enthusiastic about their jobs work harder and be more successful than those who do it for a paycheck. interview


Take this opportunity to demonstrate their genuine enthusiasm for the job.

If possible , consider the example of a project that you’re particularly excited worked and managed in.

Your motivation must be connected to the skills and attributes that are relevant to the job.

Example: ” I ​​love talking to new people and try to understand what really makes a client tick is like an exciting game for me to try to understand what is important to the customer on a product and then try to find the right one. to meet your needs . again, I had a client who was very distant and did not want help looking for kitchen products . After a while I asked him what brought him into the apartment, and slowly began to open than expected find in store. finally I show some of our new products and went with all problems solved .” interview

Stern-Hitting Job Interview Questions and Answers for New company

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