What can you do when your Job CV is naked ?

One of the first steps in the transition from student to job seeker is to create a professional resume. At first glance, it may seem that not much to put on your CV, if you evaluate your past experiences , you will realize that is the most relevant to highlight on your resume that you think experience. Employers look at your past performance to predict future success . As a student or recent graduate , jobs are not the only way to demonstrate success before. Remember that resume writing is all about highlighting your accomplishments. Remember to include examples and evidence to promote their skills to add value to the hiring managers . can

6 things to include in your CV as a student or recent graduate …

Relevant Courses:

As a student or recent graduate , employers realize that until now , most of his life has been spent in the classroom , learning and study. It is beneficial to highlight course relates to the field for which you are applying. This can show employers they have learned the relevant documents of their studies and who has a deep knowledge that can be an asset to your company. can


Of course , you need to designate all practices of students you’ve had in the past. It is always better if you have taken a related job you are applying , with any type of training course you can not , however, show a level of maturity and responsibility. It also shows that you have been exposed to a real work environment and are better prepared to enter the labor market.

Part Time / Summer Jobs :

Do not underestimate the time or seasonal work experience . Work in the field of retail or summer does not seem relevant to the field you will , but you will learn many basic skills by having a part time job that prepares you to be a full-time position . Employers like to see that you are mature enough to hold a job and acquire basic skills and work ethic. CV
Volunteering :

Volunteering can also provide valuable knowledge and promote leadership and cooperation. It is good to include any volunteer that you were part of in the past, since it can also show maturity, responsibility , teamwork and cooperation.

Extracurricular Activities:

Feel free to list on your resume relevant extracurricular activities. Everything you do in your free time to show your commitment, leadership , teamwork, etc. You can demonstrate the skills they have acquired in their extra- curricular activities. For example , if you played in a team sport at school , you can show that you are a team and able to successfully manage multiple tasks Player .

Memberships / Affiliations :

Including membership and affiliations relevant can help demonstrate your commitment to a particular field of study, questions or show success in a certain area , if membership is based on merit. can

What can you do when your Job CV is naked ?

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