What prevents you from finding a job?

” If you think you can or think you cannot , you’re right . ” – Henry Ford
I think the quote from Mr. Ford for a while , wondering what to write. I hit something of a period of creative drought for a few months , the drought seemed to disappear and I could write a few articles . Now it feels as if it were installed in a report as undesirable.
I bet Joe or Janet candidates have had the same type of drought during the search for gainful employment . You will have moments where you feel as if no one will answer this CV that you worked so hard , when you seem to have thrown a thousand resumes into the void, and has nothing to change. It is a dehumanizing humiliating experience , is not it?
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In my life outside of resume writing , I’m a freelance writer of fiction, and my experience is not so different from yours . The main difference is that , unlike you , I can at least get a rejection letter , but only if you enclose a stamped envelope with the manuscript. I have to drag the mailbox every day , hoping for good news. Nine times out of ten , the news is not good .

But the news really that bad? Or you are simply caught in a numbers game ? You may or may not know that the unemployment statistics provided by the federal list only the unemployed who are still actively looking for a job . No figures are kept on the souls who have given up. Are they smarter than the rest of us ? Or are only those who believe they cannot? What

The sad part of that is that they have not may have to give up, because there are jobs out there. Each month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the Federal Government publishes its business figure of abstract labor and employment , commonly called the Jolt report. Anyone can access http://www.bls.gov/news.release/jolts.nr0.htm . According to the latest report for the month of October, the most recent year for which statistics are available , there were 3.9 million jobs to 4.5 million employees. What finding

That’s over half a million more jobs than hiring announced. Then someone get a job there. Why not ? Take the first step and buy or borrow a book called What Color is Your Parachute ? by Richard N. Bolles . This is an updated annually on how to get a job guide . Read from beginning to end , follow along, and see what happens . job
Why not be one of those who believe they can ?

What prevents you from finding a job?

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