Correlation between Whole Body Vibration Therapy and type 2 diabetes

Set treatment body vibration has been found to provide many benefits for the bones and muscles of one, to improve circulation , help to improve the flexibility and support weight loss . Although these effects are quite intuitive for a vibration machine , is harder to find a relationship between diabetes and VBW . However, recent studies obtained show patients with type 2 diabetes may benefit from different ways of training sessions conducted on a vibration machine .

Advantages of the FCC in 
patients with type 2 diabetes

A recent controlled study by scientists at the University of Seville, Department of Physical Education and Sport , showed a VTC training program 12 weeks can improve balance in people affected by type 2 diabetes. The trial was held in November this year and included 50 patients , so we can assume that this effect will be studied VTC .
Besides improving the balance , while treatment of the vibration of the body also has been found to be effective in reducing blood sugar levels in the blood in people with type 2 diabetes . Another study published this year in September , and conducted by scientists at the University of Auckland, has shown that this form of active treatment tones and strengthens muscles , causing large amounts of sugar in the blood are taken and so use a blood glucose more effectively . In the long term means better management of the typical symptoms caused by diabetes.

Second, this form of physical therapy has been shown to support weight loss when done regularly. Again, this is encouraging news for people who are struggling with obesity due to diabetes , and improve muscle tone , strength , balance and level of blood glucose , VTC can also help these patients manage your weight more effectively and less demanding way .

As you know , people with diabetes often have to deal with non-healing wounds , preventing them from practicing vigorous exercise and lead to an increased risk of weight gain. When using vibration machines , patients with T2DM do not have to lift weights or run like machines send vibrations through your body , and these vibrations cause the contraction and relaxation of muscles.
Muscles contract more rapidly, the energy they need and therefore burn more calories . Thus, even if people do not do cardio and strength deconditioned regular exercise , can continue to enjoy the benefits of physical activity by VTC therapy .
Besides the advantages already mentioned, also these machines have been found :

• regulate hormone levels
• improve flexibility
• Helps relieve stress
• increase bone density


These effects are useful for the general health of patients with type 2 diabetes often altered hormonal and low bone density. Based on these results , we can certainly say that it’s worth keeping an eye on the studies and tests to reach the VTC therapies for people with type 2 diabetes mellitus .

Whole body vibration therapy can be an effective alternative to physical activity for people with diabetes, who can not perform regular exercises due to the extra weight or not curative wounds.Although more research on the effects of machinery vibration in type 2 diabetes is welcome, the available data show that WBV therapy can improve levels of blood sugar , weight , balance and muscle tone in people affected by this autoimmune disease.

Correlation between Whole Body Vibration Therapy and type 2 diabetes

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