Weight loss by the magical spirit of NLP

Much has been written about the physical effects of weight gain , but my focus here is on the worn by many of you looking to fix this emotional weight. NLP
Side effects of low self-esteem , negativity and lack of confidence to name a few, can affect everyday life to the point that happiness is evacuated . Mental anxiety of wanting to change , but do not feel able to be carried to fight mental torment , further lowering of mood , and thus a vicious cycle of always feeling bad .

How is it possible that changes in the mind can create weight loss ? The spirit and the body , though often reported separately , are actually a system. What happens in the mind affects the body and vice versa. loss weight
The mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy , and the difference between the two depends on how you learn to use it effectively and , unfortunately , very few have learned to do this .
To begin to understand the power of our mind to create whatever we want to be transformational and I invite you to consider that it might even change your life.

We all have all the resources we need to be who we want to be and live the life you want to live. We have the power to resolve conflicts and painful problems that may be experienced with weight problems . This may seem to be hidden from us, we have forgotten how, or perhaps never knew what leaves us feeling powerless to change . weight
All behaviors are unconscious and that’s why we usually are not aware of what we are doing or thinking about the creation of our present experience , which leads us to believe that change is out of our control, that there is something outside of us decide. The combination of these unconscious to the surface in our consciousness processes allows the resolution. Thus , NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) functions .

What we think of ourselves, what we think we are and what we believe we are capable of, you will create exactly what you think and we can not be aware of all what exactly those beliefs. If you think you can or think you can not , then either be the same for you. There are many ways to change beliefs NLP , freeing your mind to focus on your goal of losing weight, getting away from the default diet after diet . weight
Going a little further, it is possible to have contradictory beliefs systems , you believe you can and you think you can not , at the same time or switching from one to another . This shows that to lose weight effectively for a short time, then you self-sabotage can have a takeaway to celebrate , leading to a feeling of despair and give up. This can be very painful to live with conflict and NLP techniques to solve this in mind so that each of you is convinced that ” I can ” , each of you has the same goal and want to succeed.

Want to lose weight? You can! 

One of the many important discoveries of NLP is the aspect of ” modeling ” , something we all have a particular skill . As young children we are experts in copying (or modeling ) or parents who learn to be human . Look at the way he learned to talk , how did you do that ? This means that if a person is able to do something , so if you can! You are born with the same capabilities , resources and potential. weight
Taking advantage of the “you” that has not yet been discovered is part of the magic of NLP.

What you think you are … You are much more than that!

I am a practitioner of NLP , working with integrity and autonomy to live the life you want … because you are important!
NLP is a therapy based on the results , noting which is what you want and find the most effective way to get there . It is an ethical and respectful approach that helps you change the neural pathways in your mind to get the results you want .

Weight loss by the magical spirit of NLP

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