Do you have a calorie or approach to nutrition based diet for weight loss ?

Calories today are simply not what … So you should be careful about if you are planning a calorie or nutrition approach your weight loss.
Humans typically eat ” meal ” 3 categories: plants (fruits and vegetables), animal (meat , chicken , eggs, etc. ) and synthetic man made (aspartame , saccharin, olestra , butylated and all other ingredients listed you can not pronounce !)
Today I want to talk about calories we get from vegetables and how they are not what they used to be.
In my last article , I mentioned that calories have two purposes : 1) to provide energy and 2 ) provide the vehicle to deliver nutrition.

The U.S. and Canadian food guides are very similar and recommend that the average person consumes 4 vegetables and 3 servings of fruit per day . For vegetables , a “service” is 1 cup of raw leafy greens or ½ cup raw or cooked vegetables or chopped ¾ cup vegetable juice vegetables. For a serving of fruit is considered a piece of fruit (apple, orange, banana , pear, etc. ) or ½ cup raw or canned or ¾ cup of fruit juice fruit. calorie

These recommendations are not random . They were made because these foods are intended to provide most of the vitamins , minerals and fiber absorption . weight
But here’s the problem with these recommendations : They are assuming that the number of nutrients in fruits and vegetables you eat are at an optimum level. Fruits are the same companies hire How to measure the consumption of fuel for their vehicles . My Honda Civic has been evaluated to 51mpg on the highway. And , of course , he got decent gas mileage performance , but certainly beyond. It’s the same for fruits and vegetables.

These food guides are an apple has ripened naturally : 0.26 g of protein, fiber , vitamin B2 7.86mg 0.19mg , vitamin A, calcium 73.14IU 9.66mg , 0.05 mg copper , 0.24 mg of iron, selenium 0.41mcg , etc. do you really think every apple you eat exactly the same composition of vitamins and nutrients? Do you even meet all these numbers? weight
Have you noticed that I said ” naturally grown ” in the above paragraph? More plant nutrition has is obtained by maturing ” in the grapevine . ” We live in eastern Canada . The snow four months ago on the floor. Our growing season is 3-4 months long. Thus, most of our food comes from Florida, California, Mexico , Central America and even China so far ! While these fruits and vegetables were collected after ripened on the vine , what do you think the chances are that occurred in my store 5000 miles or beyond fresh and flawless ?
Let me tell you more … Back to the “first time” why do farmers farm ?
They bred for food! This seems to be the correct answer obvious?

But today , why farmers grow ?

They run for the money !

So how does this difference affect agricultural practices ?

In the early days of agriculture , farmers do not have access to all the chemicals that we have today and they knew that if they wanted when they needed healthy food healthy fields. Then the rotation of crops, vegetation, are plants / grow for a while, and allow their fields to remain healthy and vital. The cultivation of different cultures , different restrictions are placed on the floor and a diverse collection available to the family . Following these practices ensured good crops and healthy food for their families . calorie

But now , farmers do not feed their families with their cultures , they sell their crops to earn money for their families. So now they sell more crops , earn more money . No need to diversify their crops . If you grow lettuce , lettuce then this is what you plant. If you grow beets, beet then that’s all that plant. This practice leads to two main problems : calorie
The first problem is that if there are no crops in the fields, then no money comes into play both crops are not rotated and fields are never given a break. In the absence of recovery period, in the all time elements are extracted from the earth . Fortunately for farmers , while a plant needs to grow is water, sunlight , nitrogen , phosphate and potassium. Why fertilizers consist of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium? Considering these 5 ingredients, a plant can produce a large healthy fruit , “research” . But , of course , if there is no copper, iron , selenium, etc. on the floor so that no one is in the fruit.

A second problem is that , for fruit and “healthy” vegetables, must be protected against mold, fungi and insects. Herbicides and pesticides do a great job with this , but then are killing invasive plants , but are also killing the microorganisms in the soil . These microorganisms are essential to convert (rock) organic elements of inorganic nutrients that can be absorbed by plants. Therefore, if the ground had copper, iron, etc , is not available even to the floor without the aid of microorganisms . calorie
So what does all this mean for our fruits and vegetables?

One study compared the nutrient content of the plant in 1963 and again in 2000 . This study showed a 45% decrease in vitamin C spinach , a decrease of 30 % for vitamin A in corn , and a decrease of 51% potassium and 84% reduction in magnesium al. You can see the results of the study here:

These figures are valid for two sources of organic and non-organic foods. ” Organic” means no synthetic pesticides or herbicides were used in the growth process . It certainly does not mean that the culture broth was not practiced . calorie
So , when the Food Guide says we should eat a lot of fruit, for example we chose an apple. The Food Guide is assuming that we consume 340 calories and 128 mg of vitamin C. But the reality , since 2000 , is an apple contains only 89 mg of vitamin C. Similarly vitamin A in apples has been reduced from 90 mg to 53 mg .
Honestly, today our bodies do not actually need to consume all that many calories. Suppose you weigh 160 pounds and lean body fat percentage of 16%. This means that you are carrying around 25 pounds of fat. A pound of fat has 3500 calories in it , if you have more than 87 thousand calories of stored energy at your disposal!

What your body needs is nutrition ! The problem is that , before agriculture became big business, you could eat an apple and get 340 calories 128 mg of vitamin C and 90 mg of vitamin A. But now we have to eat 578 calories of apples to get the same nutritional content. calorie
Have you ever thought why you are hungry, even after you just ate ? This is because your body is craving energy in the form of calories, your body is actually longed nutrition.

Not only ineffective, but dangerous. Your body needs vitamin C and vitamin A and iron and copper and potassium and selenium … You need these bodily functions of vitamins and minerals to function properly and efficiently. Without them, you ‘re on your own in case of injury, illness and perhaps even gain weight ! calorie

How you can gain weight by cutting calories ? If you reduce your calories , probably decrease your nutrition. When the body lacks essential nutrients , subjected to physical stress. This stress activates the immune system and the overactive immune system causes the release of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is used to store the fat burning nutrients in lean muscle mass and remove their bones. calorie
I’ll write more about how your hormones, like cortisol , affect your weight in a future article . But meanwhile , I hope you begin to understand that weight loss , weight gain and health level are controlled by a multitude of systems. The number of calories you consume is only a small part of the equation .

Now that you have a better idea of ​​the difference between nutrition and calorie diets based . calorie

Do you have a calorie or approach to nutrition based diet for weight loss ?

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