77 years Old Grandmother gets the weight goal

I ‘m sure you all love to hear a good story.
(I read this story online )
After the failure of his first marriage Brenda began to gain weight.
When she reached 20 stone , decided to go on a diet .
Brenda now weighs 9 stone 9 pounds and can finally get into a size 10 dress .
Interestingly – Brenda was 77 years
It took 50 years to do it!
She began his scheme in its 20 years and has achieved its goal in the 70th .

Brenda said

“The regime became the first years “
” But in the last 40 years I have been struggling to lose the last of three stones. “
” At one point , I saw my picture in the local newspaper I looked like a big green stain. “
” From there I was determined to lose weight. “
She served seven stones in the next decade
She says he uses a combination of exercise and cutting cakes.
But still, she could never spend remaining three stones.
Finally , she turned to a diet club in 2010 and slid slowly toward your goal weight in October this year.
This is an interesting story .

First I want to say congratulations to Brenda .

Anyone who has anything to do until the end should be commended .
But looking critically , I’m sure Brenda would have liked to do a little faster.
Statistics say that the average women are ” on a diet” for 30 years of his life . No need for it to drag on this long bleeding.
This is a difficult but attainable goal if broken into steps.
Put him to bed and do the work so you can focus on enjoying your life again.

Brenda has had problems with its three stone last for 40 years until he joined the slimming club .
But I want to draw your attention to the point that I want to do :
Do not be afraid to ask for help .
We often think that asking for help is a sign of weakness .
This is not , however , force is needed to help.
We all struggle , overwhelmed us all and we all need help.
” Recognizing that you need help is not a sign of weakness, but fighting alone is an option to weaken. “

Asking for help , especially if you’ve struggled with the same goal long .
It did not take 50 years for you to reach your goal.
Brenda also said that now maintains its size size 10
“Food is strict , long walks and exercises at home “
I say good for her !
Thanks for reading,

77 years Old Grandmother gets the weight goal

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