Good way to start a cellulite treatment

I started many treatments for cellulite and all failed because I have not started the right way, and as the results show after 4-5 weeks , I stopped growing .

So , how to start a cellulite treatment ?

In the past, I did not have a system to get rid of cellulite , I have not set targets … Here I will explain the importance of detoxification two weeks, when a cellulite treatment begins. In my opinion, this was a major factor in my success against cellulite.
Why? The thing is that a detox focuses on cleansing your body of toxins. There are two main organs that detoxify the system, the liver and colon. When no longer work properly , toxins are expelled from your body , causing your metabolism slow .

So the first thing you need to do to succeed with their natural cellulite treatment is completely clean your liver and colon of toxins and fats. The best way is to simply drink plenty of lemon water – at least 2 to 3 liters per day , mixed with other ingredients that naturally detoxify your system and start a raw food diet , especially vegetables and fruits, eat salads with oil virgin olive oil. In 2-3 weeks , colon and liver malfunctions and your body will have to start burning fat and cellulite is reduced drastically.

There are also three other important issues to be discussed at the beginning of a cellulite treatment : the creation of a daily routine, write down your goals and get the support of his family.
You need a daily routine to create a calendar with all the actions that are done every day to eliminate cellulite. Print or write on a piece of paper and be sure to hang in a prominent place . But if you do not, your chances of becoming free of cellulite on legs , thighs and buttocks, are less than 50% .

Another important aspect is to get the support of your family and friends . This is also important because there will be days when you feel stuck , and move just because your loved ones want you to succeed , and you will be embarrassed if you neglected.
Also, set your goal : a life without cellulite, and imagine yourself as having achieved .

So if you take care of that part of the planning, implementing your goal, create the daily routine , talk to your family, and detoxify your body for two weeks, is almost 100 % sure that this time their natural work cellulite treatment .
How would your life be if you could be cellulite -free week ? If you act now , you can wear shorts again in 2 weeks!

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