How to create a day to night makeup Look

We’ve all been there before, last minute invitation to a dinner after work. This leaves you absolutely no time to go home and refresh your makeup. It is quite understandable that in today’s world which is full of work, career-oriented business, our schedules leave us little or no time to play our makeup. Here are some quick and easy tips from professional makeup artists to help transform your daytime makeup look night looking fabulous in no time. day

The first step to get a perfect day or night is to start with a bright day look that can be added to the suite.


It is important to start with a mild base that can be achieved by using a good cleanser and moisturizer. To finish preparing the skin, apply a primer. A mild base primer and help the foundation stay longer. Once you have prepared the base, follow with a foundation that suits your skin and mixes evenly in. Then finish with a translucent powder. day


Then apply to your cheeks. Professionals recommend using a cream colored powder blush followed by a touch of color. It is recommended that your cheeks have just pinched appearance. You can also upload your cheeks with a little translucent powder or bronzer for a touch of shine and strength to last all day.


A great look for your eyes day is a neutral tone that can be built on the appearance of your night. To achieve this look start with a neutral mat around the eyelid. Then apply a thin bright eye shadow that will give a nice glow all day and help make the transition to this aspect later. For your day look, just try to align the upper eyelids with eyeliner instead of the top and bottom.


Lips also need to start with a good base. Apply a moisturizing lip balm and reapply in the morning throughout the day. You can add a lip gloss on top of your lip balm for gloss and color throughout the day.

Now, turn your day look beautiful on a night look spectacular, you will need to have some supplies on hand. If your face tends to be oily throughout the day, have tissues handy to wipe the oil, then hide when needed and complete your contact base with a layer of dust. You can add a little more color to the apple of your cheeks and brown marker to the chin, cheeks and the area T. To lay eyes on sexy, dramatic look at night, you will have to have eyeliner, mascara and eyelash curler. Now is when you can add a little eyeliner on the lower lids and reapply your upper lids if necessary. Then you need to curl your lashes and add a layer or two of mascara for extra bulky look. For lips, you can add a touch of color. 

For example, this season the reds and plums are the hottest add a dramatic look really liven up the color of the night colors. With a few simple tricks and tips, you can easily transform your day look a look of the night. day
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