The Do’s and Don’ts of How to fabulous hair this winter

Winter is slowly but surely creeping towards us. Before we know it the snow falls and bells ring. In the winter months , the temperature drops to extremely low levels, and moisture is removed from the air and either freezes or turns to snow . Therefore winter months is a very bad hair due to lack of moisture in the air is very dry and can cause a lot of adverse conditions. Cold winds and yes cold can damage your hair if you do not keep the natural oils that our body produces to protect hair. winter

NE – keep the hair well-conditioned

Especially in these months when the air temperature is so low and the hair is exposed to strong winds dry and hard to make sure we shampoo our hair less often and condition our hair after each shampoo . Not only it gives the hair more shine and a glossy appearance , but also acts as a protective barrier against the elements conditioning . It’s good to leave a quarter of conditioner in your hair and not rinse completely. winter

NO – More washing hair

According to the above, do not wash your hair on this season. Wash hair too often simply remove natural oils from your hair and scalp. These natural oils are the best protection against the elements. Consider reducing the frequency when the hair is washed. For example, if you wash your hair every other day, try washing it every three days instead. Dry , cold winter means that you sweat less and therefore the hair and scalp will be less messy , so really no need to wash your hair as often as in the warmer months . How

NE – Keep the natural oils of the hair and scalp

There is absolutely no air conditioner can be purchased at any store that you can compare the natural oils that are produced by your own hair and scalp . These natural oils are the body’s natural defense against cold winds and face the elements during the winter months . How
If only there to do for all the winter months , which is to do everything possible to keep the oils produced naturally in the hair and scalp. The best way to do this is to install a shower filter in the shower. Shower water contains many additives that are put in the water companies to keep drinking water , such as chlorine. These additives may be good to control bacteria , but because they are harmful solvents , actually pulling our hair and scalp of natural oils.

If you live in a hard water area our water from the shower and then we will be marked by hard water too. This means that there are minerals and metals microscopic particles in our water. When these particles hit our scalp and hair in speed and pressure so they act as a sandstorm , which starts the natural oils that protect the layer of the hair and scalp . How
The best way we can keep the natural oils in your hair and protect both chemical additives and hard particles in the water from the shower is to install a water filter . A shower filter will filter out chemicals and help reduce water hardness and the shower which will help to keep the natural oils produced by our body to protect hair and scalp .

NO – excessive hair dryer

It might be interesting to be in the bathroom with a hair dryer blowing hot hand through his hair when it’s cold outside air, but we should try to minimize the use of hair dryers as much as possible during the winter months . This is because the extremely hot from the dryer air is extremely dry hair and can cause hair to become brittle and lifeless leaving the hair in a fit state to be exposed to the elements . Try to dry your hair in the “cool ” setting. It may take a little longer, but will ensure that the hair is more exposed to drying environments . How

NO – Use alcohol free hairspray

If you use hairspray or other hair products , take a look at the back of the pack and check the alcohol content of their product. Alcohol is extremely dry chemical , such as chlorine and also a solvent . So the natural oils in your hair are also eliminated . If possible swap for a product that is free of alcohol.

NO – Remove with wet hair

Whatever you do – do not leave the house with wet hair . In this climate of extreme cold if you leave the house with wet or damp hair , your hair freezes. If hair is frozen, there is a chance of it breaking . Hair dry completely before leaving the house.
NO – Use a humidifier at home when in the office and heated dry rooms
Indoor heating in offices and at home creates dry heat and humidity suck all you can hold moisture at all, including the hair and scalp ! If possible use a room humidifier to replace moisture in the air around you. Or opt for a weaker solution of technology and just keep a glass of water next to the heater inside , this will ensure that the water heater heats the room and maintains high levels of moisture evaporates air also .

NO – Use hair treatments responsible peroxide

At all costs – avoid chemicals this season. No perm or coloring derived types use peroxide hair during the winter months . If you really need to try to get highlights or low lights of a few strands of hair on the head to create the illusion of a full head of hair color. Due to the drying effects of these products , as the natural oils in your hair removed, these products will make your more susceptible to the harsh conditions of winter hair .

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