Hair loss is the result of a vitamin deficiency ? – 10 nutrients that your hair can not live without

Good nutrition is essential for your body as a whole , including the hair. Your hair follicles produce new cells more rapidly than any other part of your body to produce sufficient amounts of vitamins, proteins and minerals are essential for normal hair growth and healthy hair . 

A deficiency of vitamin A can cause hair loss . Unfortunately , beautiful hair is not considered a necessity for survival of the organism that is the first in the list of functions in your body removed to provide the nutrition of the most vital parts . Because your hair requires high concentration of nutrition and at the same time is low on the scale of priorities physiological means that your hair is very sensitive to their health habits and food in general.

Of course, the best way to ensure proper nutrition for your hair is to nourish and maintain the health of the whole body also . Eating a balanced diet that includes protein , vitamins and minerals in the correct proportions will help ensure that your hair loss is not caused by a deficiency of the vitamin. During periods of stress or times when your diet does not provide sufficient enough nutrients for hair, vitamins and mineral supplements are available as a way to supplement your food and feed your body and your hair.

Vitamins and nutrients are essential for hair growth and healthy hair ? The protein is most important because the hair is composed of keratin protein . Adequate levels of proteins are needed to maintain normal hair production , but taking too much protein will not help your hair grow . Instead, your body will use excess protein to provide organs that are essential to your body before they provide nutrition to your hair. Your hair will accept that they need, but no more.

Vitamins are complex organic substances essential for the maintenance of human life . Organic substances are naturally present in plants and animals. Vitamin A, Family B – complex vitamins and vitamin C is essential for the production of hair and health , but taking too much of these vitamins can worsen your hair loss and cause more health problems your hair. Vitamin A is essential to avoid blockage of the hair follicle , but much of this vitamin can also cause hair loss. Deficiency of any of the family of B vitamins can cause dandruff and the absence of pigment, and other problems of the hair and scalp. Lack of riboflavin or vitamin B-2 can cause enlarged causing more damage to the hair follicles sebaceous glands. Lack of vitamin C can cause hair loss in places due to lack of blood flow in the capillaries that nourish the hair follicles.

Trace minerals are vital to the health of the human body, including hair. Minerals are inorganic and are found in rocks and soil and all living organisms . Iron ore is necessary for transporting oxygen throughout the body, but is often deficient in the average diet of a person. A severe shortage of iron or inability to assimilate iron causes anemia, which will slow the growth of hair. Sulfur is involved in the chemical bonding of the hair and gives hair strength protein . Insufficient amounts of sulfur hair strands weakened. Copper compounds aid in the formation of keratin giving hair texture . Copper also allows the manufacture of pigments that produce color on hair. Zinc is necessary for the synthesis of keratin , such as calcium , chromium, cobalt , molybdenum, selenium and nickel .

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