Girls Guide to beautiful skin & face

On entering puberty, naturally soft fine texture begins to change. You may notice fat in the face buttons ( red bumps that usually have a small white center) and blackheads (small black dots are dirt clogged pores ) . This is the beginning of acne. Acne is by far the most common complaint of skin conditions in adolescents , affecting almost every age group under 12 to 17, at least occasionally , according to the American Academy Dermatology . beautiful

The condition , fortunately , is treatable , as is common. The skin care acne before it becomes severe is the key to maintaining healthy skin and reducing blemishes. Once you begin to notice the softness or gets his first pimple , it’s time for the serious skin care a part of your daily life. Remember these 8 tips and make your habits and will have a lifetime of beautiful skin to prove it .

1) Wash your face morning and night. 

Always . Wash your face first thing in the morning (like in the shower) and before going to bed. Use a cleanser for oily skin prone to acne . Use enough detergent to work up a good lather and make sure to wet your face with water ( not hot) before applying. Do not rub hard or use a rough washcloth . Be gentle but deep cleansing thoroughly without irritating your skin will escape the worst. Make sure you use plenty of water to rinse and remove any cleaner so no residue . You can rinse your face with cold water to close the pores. Dry your face with a clean towel. Do not rub , which can be irritating and make you change your towels regularly. Dirty towels harbor bacteria .

2) Use a toner after cleansing . 

This will make any dirt and grease from the cleaner left. It will also help to eliminate ( kill) the bacteria on the skin and tighten pores . Simply wet a cotton ball or pad with toner and swipe through your skin. Pay special attention to the forehead , nose (especially the cracks on the sides) , chin and jaw.

3) Apply a light, oil-free moisturizer with sunscreen designed for acne-prone skin after cleansing and toning . 

Must contain an SPF 15 (or higher ) to protect your skin from the sun . Too much sun can be worse smoothness and sun damage is responsible for 90 % of aging. You can skip moisturizing night . You should keep , not too dry ( or skin overproduce oil ) balanced skin . The goal is hydrated , the skin clean and soft.

4) Use acne located regularly (at least daily) to all buttons treatment .  

It can also be applied sparingly in areas that often get buttons ( such as the nose or forehead ) . These treatments usually contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide ( the bleach and fabric permanently stain so be careful ) . These are powerful ingredients that have been proven to heal faster imperfections.

5) The use of a facial mud mask once a week. 

This weekly treatment to refine pores and deep cleaning where ordinary cleaners can not reach. This step may seem unnecessary, but if you make a habit , you will see the rewards are worth it. beautiful

6) Exfoliate once or twice a week for a thorough cleaning and remove dead skin cells . 

This will help coat the skin and stimulate the growth of fresh new cells. Check daily cleanser that may already contain exfoliating ingredients . In this case , it is not necessary separately exfoliate .

7) Anything that touches your face should be clean . 

Keep your hair perfectly clean and face. Do not use hair gel or heavy (or too) conditioner . Dirty or oily hair can aggravate oily skin. Keep your glasses and very clean and free of bacteria sun. Do not lean your face in your hands or touching your face unnecessarily. Do not lean your face against cellular or other objects. All these actions can block pores and bacteria transfer your phone or hands or anything else to your face. Pull the skin can also stretch the skin and muscles which can cause relaxation. Always wash your hands before touching your face, apply lotions, etc.

8) If your face feels oily .

 If your face (or part of it) feels oily between regular washing , splash your face with warm water only (no soap) and gently dry with a clean towel . Excessive washing with soap is too dry the skin and cause irritation and additional oil production . Simply rinse will help remove dirt and oil from the light, close the pores and refresh the skin . beautiful

If you have skin problems that do not improve or worsen after following this guide for 4-6 weeks , consult a doctor. A dermatologist will certainly be able to help, do not be afraid to go to one !
Above all, do not wait until you have a lot of buttons and problems before starting a routine skin care . It reflects your soft skin in the mirror will reward per year. Remember amount of makeup can replace the natural glow of healthy skin . Now that is beautiful.

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