How hair loss can be reversed if you have a thyroid disorder

Hair loss is an extremely common condition. According to the American Academy of Dermatology , half of all adults in the United States notice thinning hair before they reach the age of forty .
If more hair looks down as usual, the best thing to do is talk to a doctor. During the early stages , can be difficult to know if your condition is due to genetics and baldness or a medical condition such as a thyroid imbalance . But a doctor can determine the actual cause.
What is the thyroid gland
The thyroid gland is a structure located in the throat area . It is shaped like a butterfly and produces several different hormones . The most common is T4 (also called Thyoxin ) . This is the main job is to regulate basic body processes. The main ones are :
• Temperature
• Metabolism
• the development and growth
• Testosterone levels in the blood

It is making your thyroid to lose hair?
Besides genetics, thyroid imbalances are a common cause of hair loss and thinning cause. A doctor should perform a blood test to make a formal diagnosis. But it is important to be familiar with the common symptoms :
( 1) fatigue and sleepiness
( 2) the inability to sleep
( 3) irregular menstruation
( 4) Extreme temperatures intolerance
(5) Dry Skin
(6 ) changes of state of radical mood
( 7) difficulty remembering information and perform other cognitive tasks
( 8) the sudden weight gain
(9 ) Muscle pain

How thyroid disorders affecting the hair follicles
A thyroid imbalance can take one of two forms :

( 1 ) is overactive ( hyperthyroidism)
( 2) being lazy (hypothyroidism )

In both cases , testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) at a rapid rate . DHT causes hair follicles and to enter into a resting phase . Typically , 10% of our hair is in a resting phase at any given time. The usual period is about three months before the fall of the hair shafts .

But thyroid problems , these cycles and processes to accelerate and hair loss at a much higher speed. Unlike baldness , however , the new growth is still possible. However, this hair is thin and dry . how
Most people suffering from hair loss related thyroid experience large loss of hair strands . This is especially visible after bath or shower.
Hair can also become depleted along the outside of the eyebrows. Follicles in other parts of the body can be affected .
Reversing hair loss by the treatment of thyroid
Actually, it is fairly easy to treat hair loss due to thyroid problems. Medication may be prescribed to restore a state of hormonal balance. One of the most prescribed drugs is Levothyroxine . It is important to note that many thyroid medications ( including this one) list hair loss as a potential side effect.
Patients who may benefit from drug treatment system will be maintained consistent treatment for about a month. After this time , you may see improvement in the number of new hair , and thickness.
It is important to take appropriate action immediately to find out how to deal loss.Delays hair can make it more difficult to reverse the question.

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