How to Get Start Exercise

I have no doubt that you know the incredible power of exercise.
Promotes better health .
prevents diseases
And of course , help you lose weight faster. Yay ! ( My favorite!)

However, if you are like many (including myself sometimes) , then exercise is a four letter word .
This is annoying
It is painful
And it’s hard – sometimes it’s really hard .

I discovered something that has removed all obstacles. He has helped to lose more than 70 pounds.

What is the secret?

No secret , really , I just start small .

I’m talking really small. About ten minutes a day. (Actually, to be honest , I think the first few days , I exercised literally committed just five minutes. )

Here’s why from little exercise helps you get started

1 manageable exercise.

You know with 100% certainty that you can exercise for five or ten minutes. You can exercise for five minutes each day for a week. Next week , you know you’ve achieved your goal and probably will feel comfortable adding a few minutes of your workout. Every week you can add more time to training until you work every day for twenty , thirty, forty or even sixty minutes. Exercise

2 You can create a habit.

One of the challenges for the year is that a new item is added to your daily routine. Sometimes it feels like there’s no place for it. You live a busy life , right? start
When you start small, you can relieve the habit. Instead of trying to find an hour of time each day, you know that you can find five or ten minutes. As you get used to the exercise and gradually increase the time you will find it easier to make room for additional minutes.

3 Makes it less painful.

When you jump on the treadmill the first day and try to work for an hour – probably hurt. It’s uncomfortable . And you want to leave . get
However, when you start small , you do not feel the same degree of discomfort. You can ease your body into exercise.

Starting small is powerful.

You will notice a gradual change in your body , health , energy and weight. And best of all, it will at a pace that suits your needs, lifestyle and goals.
Starting with small goals helped me to achieve more ambitious goals , such as losing more than 70 pounds and keep it off forever !
Start today and give you a small target . To achieve this small goal , give yourself a pat on the back , and then make a goal! You can do it!

How to Get Start Exercise

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