All you need to know about acne treatment

Commonly known as acne or pimples or buttons are skin inflammation affecting 87 % of the total population of the United States . They usually appear during puberty because of abnormal response of the body to the male hormone testosterone.
So far, they are still investigating the cause of acne. However , scientific studies show that it may be hereditary.
Other factors grains are :
1) Skin irritation .
2) The use of anabolic steroids. 

Most bodybuilders take these synthetic hormones faster muscle growth and bone tissue. about
3) Stress hormones that increase adrenal glands.
4) Exposure to chlorinated compounds such as chlorinated dioxins . 

Most people who suffer from acne in their teens notice decrease or total disappearance of acne when they reach twenty years without treatment. However, there are some who suffer for decades.
The following are proven treatment against acne .
1) of peeling .
This can be done by using liquid scrubs , abrasive cloths, or other peeling agents that allow the skin to peel to prevent dead skin cells begin to accumulate. This process also releases clogged pores.
2) antibiotics.
There are two types of antibiotics used to treat acne : These topical antibiotics and oral antibiotics.
Topical antibiotics are applied directly to the affected area. Is used to eliminate bacteria trapped follicles . It is more popular compared to oral antibiotics because it eliminates possible side effects, such as drug interactions or upset.
Oral antibiotics , moreover regulate cell behavior and reduce the secretion of oil to unclog pores .
3) hormonal treatments.
This treatment works best for women. Birth control pills contain progestin and estrogen that can help reduce acne. Some dermatologists an injection containing cortisone directly to senior pimple reduces inflammation and redness almost immediately.
advanced treatments
Dermatologists are considering the use of laser surgery not only to reduce acne scars but also to prevent acne formation . This can be done by burning the sebaceous gland and follicle sac to induce oxygen that kills the bacteria that cause acne . This is recommended for people who suffer from severe acne.
Acne scars
Severe acne leaves scars that are very expensive and difficult to treat. Although there is no guarantee that acne scars are completely eliminated , there are treatments that reduce the scar.
These are :
1) dermabrasion.
This treatment removes the top layer of skin with a wire brush high speed causing the acne scar less noticeable . People who suffer from severe acne are multiple treatments to get the desired results. This can be done by cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists.
2) Microdermabrasion .
The new technology in dermatology that enhances dermabrasion. This is done by rubbing the affected small crystals using the suction .
3) chemical peel .
This treatment of the organic acid used as salicylic acid, lactic acid glycolic acid to remove the top layer of the skin so that the smooth coating surface will be on acid . This is usually painless and requires no anesthesia .
Several books have been introduced in the market indicating that acne can be avoided by following a strict diet and avoid dairy products. They also suggest that proper exercise and good hygiene can save anyone from acne problem.
Acne can be a difficult matter , however , how to keep it away from your face is the most powerful weapon you can have to have a face and beautiful life.

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