Going to the gym : What to and Not to Expect

Many people go to the gym with different expectations – some are too unrealistic expectations while some are humble expectations of something great goals. Anyway, have misconceptions when it comes to full body workout can lead to overdo things , which is , of course, potentially dangerous to health , or agree to do things , which can lead unsatisfactory results , despite several efforts. Expect
To avoid injury and disappoint yourself, learn how to set your straight. Here are the most – and least – the most common expectations that people are working .
More expectations
1) Muscles grow only in the gym.
Here’s a ridiculous idea work in the gym and work on the house. Gym builds muscle, while the house is only good for keeping fit.
The truth is that fitness routines can be used for heavy weight training gym – weights , stretching and muscle training – so yes, you need to develop your muscles in the right way . Does that mean stay in the gym because your muscles bigger ?
Not really. Muscles grow during rest, not during training. As they are being repaired , also get bigger and stronger. Successful body exercises in the gym for muscle building is not dictated by the frequency .
2) Room in the house is as good as a gym regularly .
It’s true ! Have the same set of training equipment at home gives you the same daily training routine at the gym. What makes the difference then ?
It is the coach. Losing weight and muscle packaging is easier at home, if you already have the resources and knowledge to drive properly . If your goal is as simple as losing some fat and the development of certain muscles , this configuration can be as effective as when you’re at the gym.

However, if you have a specific goal, such as reaching a certain weight or strengthening of a specific part of your body or to achieve a shape and tone you are looking at , you must have a plan or program supervised by a professional ensemble. This includes increasing the speed of the routine levels rise , changes in drive changes , etc. repeats
Sub – expectations
1) Counting calories lost will determine the rate of weight loss.
Garbage in, garbage out . Or at least that’s how some people see the connection between calories and workouts . Many people have their daily caloric intake ( from food or food) to determine the amount they have to do with physical activities .
If an average American man needs 3,500 calories , the excess must be paid to avoid taking a pound. If you ate two chocolate chip cookies, which equals 278 calories, you should run for 25 minutes to consume 278 calories too. Is not it ?
Well, yes . But not always have to take what you take for equality. The calories you can lose per activity is based on actual energy consumption . The formula does not include the development of muscles and improve endurance. Typically, the larger muscles ( anywhere in the body) burns more calories , working or resting . Increasing the resistance also increases the metabolism, so that weight loss easier and more efficient .
Virtually every full body workout routine works cumulatively , giving you more benefits than you can expect.
2) Mental conditioning is nothing more than a vivid imagination .
A quarter of all people who start going to the gym will not continue due to lack of reason for this – lack of motivation ! Visualization is a very important thing to stay on track and still allow you to see what awaits us . The mind is the source of inspiration to work harder and religiously.
Body workouts can be monotonous and boring if you do not condition your mind

Going to the gym : What to and Not to Expect

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