The best companies to work for in America

A study just released by dynamically specializing in employee 

surveys , occupies the 150 “top ” to work in the United States companies

Their survey data from 607,000 employees in 872 companies , is larger than the Fortune Best Places , which questioned 277,000 employees in 250 companies , and the list of glass door, which is based on responses from half million workers working . To be eligible for the survey Workplace Dynamics, a company must have at least 1,000 employees in the United States and at least 350 workers of the company must comply .  After the top ten. companies

Number one on the list: Quicken Loans , followed by deposition of containers and Anadarko Petroleum. Fourth on the list : a car dealership called Park Place in Dallas , Texas.

Really? An oil company and a car dealer are two of the most desirable places to work in the U.S. ? Dynamic Workplace keep your list . Indeed, CEO Doug Claffey said all the company data is much larger than the data used to compile the best places of fortune to the list or the Forbes website notes covering glass door wage labor . Fortune collecting information from 277,000 workers in 259 companies and offers the opportunity to write an essay on the workplace of the respondents , which contributes to the classification . Glass door records the results of the investigation to half a million workers . companies

By contrast , the dynamic work environment draws its data from surveys 607,000 employees of 872 companies . To participate in the national survey, the company must have at least 1,000 employees in the United States and at least 350 employees per company must comply . companies

Furthermore, in all the surveys show , employees election results is brittle and almost everything that is dynamic workplace . Provides data for human resource professionals , managers within companies and 37 regional newspapers , the St. Louis Post Dispatch for the Denver Post, who manage their own top lists – places – of – regional work. Headquartered in Exton , PA , the company conducted employee surveys for seven years. companies

What kind of questions asked Labour Dynamics ? Claffey said the investigation is brief but complete , based on only 22 questions divided into three categories : ” health org” , ” my job” and “commitment” Some questions seem vague , in my opinion skeptical . . Example : ” The company operates in the strong values ​​and ethics . ” Employees can complete one of seven whites , ” strongly disagree” to “strongly agree ” on what is called a Likert scale , a common standard in the collection survey data . companies

But Claffey said questions about the values ​​of a company take research questions beyond the “me” is focused on compensation, benefits , management, training and work / life balance than their competitors request. The broader issues are the ” health org” . Claffey said these questions , such as “I think this company is going in the right direction ” and ” I have confidence in the leader of this business,” was the best predictor of a company’s financial results for its another example of the sector. . ” In this society , we do things efficiently and well,” These questions are designed , Claffey said “being an action to which companies can take these results and do something. ” companies

Although convinces questionnaire Claffey dynamic force , remains surprising that he knows they are great places to work , like Google , Facebook , Southwest Airlines and companies appear anywhere Wegmans list. In some cases , it was simply not able to collect enough surveys from one company to meet the requirements of dynamic working environment , Claffey said .

Other seemingly unlikely in the list of the ten companies working Dynamics : Mattress Firm store chain specializing in bedding Houston, Texas, and elsewhere Anadarko , three energy companies in Houston EOG Resources , Pioneer Natural Resources in Irving , Texas, and NuStar Energy in San Antonio . companies

Another company in the list of the ten that seem decidedly unattractive : Coyote Logistics in Chicago , a team that matches empty trucks with goods to be sent. One reason it took so high, Claffey said, is an institutional policy on hiring smart people outside the university , regardless of major , the company believes that it is a cultural fit . In other words , Coyote tend to hire friends of friends who already work there. Claffey said Coyote visited the office recently and was surprised at what employees working in agreement enclosures all wore clothes with Coyote logo and seemed excited about the mission is to ensure that the system has worked effectively . work

The best companies to work for in America

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