Reappointed UUAA best buy military friendly employer

Financial Service Provider in the main list for the second year in a row on the heels of more veteran recruitment target best buy

SAN ANTONIO – USAA , a leading provider of financial services for the military and their families , is more than welcome Pattern ® military in the nation , according to the Victoria media editor and a husband GI Jobs Military . This is the second consecutive year, USAA has claimed the No. 1 spot . USAA has always remained in the top 10 since the award’s inception in 2003 . best buy

” From 2014 Employers ® friendly military are the scope of the company of choice for military recruitment programs strong and significant transition for military spouses seeking employment opportunities for civilian employment ,” said Sean Collins , vice president for media and a nine- year veteran Navy victory . ” Our military friends Employers ® are the group of companies is the movement of the needle and the hiring of the military community. ” best buy

GI Jobs Top 100 list is compiled from a survey of 5,000 companies with annual revenues of over $ 500 million. The selection criteria include the strength of military recruiting efforts of the company, the percentage of new hires with prior military service , retention programs and company policies in the National Guard and Reserve service . best buy

“We are honored to be recognized for the second year in a row to advance one of the priorities of our organization – to get more veterans hired ,” said President and CEO Joe Robles, USAA , himself an Army Major Generals retired veterans ” are excellent employees .. are true leaders , task-oriented , dedicated , natural , precisely the kind of employees companies should want . , in my opinion, employers who do not actively seek to recruit veterans missing ” . best buy

USAA has become a priority to hire veterans . Since 2005 , USAA has hired more than 7,800 veterans and military spouses . Earlier this year , USAA announced they had increased their internal recruitment target of 25 to 30 percent of all new hires are veterans or military spouses , military experience understands it is a practical qualification to provide better service in its class USAA members and the military community. best buy

“Beyond set a more aggressive target , we have also adapted our training programs to ensure that veterans successful stay once they are here,” said Robles. “We bring veterans to preview the workspace, providing for the training of other veterans , to create clear development paths and encourage them to connect with others in our internal veteran community .” best buy

USAA has partnered with the program to join forces , the White House and the recruitment of veterans organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce Hiring our heroes and the Institute of Syracuse University for veterans and military families U.S. . . Through these partnerships ( or relationships ) , USAA seeks to educate others about the unique skills Veterans offer help to establish best practices for hiring veterans and enhance mentoring programs for transitioning service members . best buy

In addition to the latest rankings GI Jobs , USAA was named by Military Spouse magazine as one of the top 10 companies in more favorable military spouses Employers ® list. USAA has ranked at the top of the list , after earning the No. 1 in five of the last seven years. USAA ranked No. 1 2014 . best buy

About USAA

USAA provides insurance products and services , banking , investment and retirement benefits to more than 9.8 million members of the U.S. military and their families . Known for its legendary commitment to its members , USAA is consistently recognized for outstanding service , well-being and financial strength . USAA membership is open to all who are serving or have honorably served our nation in the U.S. military – And their eligible family members. For more information about USAA , or to learn more about membership, visit . USAA is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer  best buy

About Victory Media

Victory Media is the publisher of GI Jobs , a service – disabled small business , veteran-owned , serving the military community since 2001. Their friendly ® army lists and methodology can be found in . Its data-driven lists are published in GI Jobs , spouse and Vetrepreneur military journals published in magazines such as U.S. Today, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune , Forbes and Business Week Bloomberg , and is frequently quoted in national television networks such as CNN , CNBC , NBC and Fox News. best buy

Reappointed UUAA best buy military friendly employer

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