How to determine the motivation in a job interview

Everyone knows someone like my friend, Gary . Gary swears he is extraordinarily good interviewer with a reputation for making great hires. His technique ? He can sit with someone and instinct to determine if it is a good fit. interview
While several studies demonstrate the failure of the new recruits to hover somewhere around 50 percent , most of us do not fall into the bucket of ” Natural interview ” with the legendary Gary as a 100 % success rate . ( And keep digging , Gary is not working , although it is better than most. )

This ideal , however , we felt that the interview is just a course of intuitive knowledge we should have. If Garys comes easily to the world , how can it be difficult ?
The problem is that the motivation – the X factor in the success of the employee – can be extremely difficult . You can easily find a match in skills, education and experience. With a little creativity in the interviews, including meals and many researchers can even come close in form of culture.

However, that motivation is delicate and so important . If I had to choose someone with a perfect background and lack of motivation in connection with a so-so story and motivation , there is no doubt it would take . I bet you do too.
Candidates can get quite good at the interview. Everyone knows that the game is a very motivated and full of energy. They asked the same questions in ordinary circumstances similar interview . (For a number of proven behavioral problems , see this previous post. )

However, these statistics do not lie – interviews are a poor indicator of recruitment success. Watch the interviewer behavioral economists have warned that made ​​us suffer through perception, we seek information that confirms our initial perceptions . Be careful not hire people just because you take an immediate liking to them personally . interview

Can we determine the motivation in an interview, or is just a crap shoot for most of us ? I think you can , but it takes more questions from detectives on the desktop. This is what I have seen work to determine the motivation of a candidate.
Work History . This seems obvious, but the number one motivation is evident in the history of the promotion of a candidate. They have remained in jobs long term , and if so , they went up the chain ? If you have changed jobs frequently , was to progress ? Former chiefs have rehire the candidate in different companies ? Positions were ripped off ?

External interest . Ask the whole person in interviews and ask questions about their goals for their work and their lives. What are your outside interests ? Motivated people are motivated not only works, but in life . They tend to share a new activity , such as running marathons , learning a language , or start community initiatives. They remain committed to the world through the news , reading and personal development .

Ask questions about the failure. The motivation is related to resilience, as it helps someone to stay focused and positive despite the inevitable obstacles . In the interview, ask for the failure, and listen carefully to the answers of self-consciousness . interview
How to overcome significant obstacles which you feel proud? What projects have addressed uninvited ? How is pushed through the challenges? What is the lowest I had to work the point, and what you did?

Get references off-the – record . With social networks , LinkedIn , it’s easy to find people who know the candidate beyond the references provided . (If necessary , use a service negotiated for an introduction . ) Look for people who have worked with the candidate before and asked specifically about motivation . I thought the fellow often have a great understanding on the subject. The willingness of others to talk off it can be said . Everyone is happy to discuss an excellent candidate with a questionable , not so much . Get quantifiable . Rates have references outside the candidate 1-5 record and only consider hiring people averaging 4

How to determine the motivation in a job interview

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