How does it affect your personality type of your finance

As a financial advisor , Ray Linder is sometimes give advice that seemed solid , reasonable for a client who met with a surprising level of resistance that had more to do with emotions than anything else . finance
A little research told him that people handle money differently , depending on your personality type , and that these differences were often according to the Myers- Briggs test .

You‘ve probably heard of it : the Myers -Briggs test is a psychological profile that was created during World War II . It divides people into extroverts and introverts and segments in such opposite direction Intuit , thinking and feeling against judging vs. perceiving. finance

It’s a bit complicated, so I categorize people into 16 personality types identified by the Myers -Briggs test that allows you to officially FFS is a big problem. ( The results are often used by recruiters , human resource professionals , suppliers, matchmakers and lawyers in various professional capacities ) finance

Linder was so interested in the parallels between the Myers -Briggs test and customers to finance focus literally wrote the book on the subject : ” What do I do with my money ? ” Also consolidated the 16 types into four broad categories : protection , Planners , Pleasers and players. finance

But he is careful to note that there is nothing good or bad to be in the 16 categories universe. Instead, to determine all that is natural to take advantage of your type of property rather than humiliate or beat. finance

Linder traced learn more about the four PS- protection , Planners , Pleasers and players.

Protector finance

Myers – Briggs Type : ESTJ , ESFJ , ISTJ and ISFJ

These people are by nature very conservative , Linder said . “They think the future , make sure your future is taken care of , you can buy the same brands and shops at the same stores ,” he added , noting that these are the types of guardians care often end up in the banking system , but not Wall Street community . finance

It may seem that this is the ideal way to be , but if this first Linder interested in the study of personality types was actually a protective end . ” He was a man economically conservative, but he was very emotional at the thought of something going here and now,” said Linder . “It was hard for him to let go of the idea of ​​a perfect future even enjoy minimal investment risk or plan a vacation . ” finance

This, he said , can lead to all sorts of problems , not the least of which could be marital discord . According to Linder , Protectors represent about 38 % of the population. finance

If you are a protector : While this may seem a protector is the recipe for success, this personality type can be very difficult with unexpected change and make bad decisions out of pure panic . finance}}}

Prepare for the unexpected by having a full emergency fund should cover at least six months of net income . finance


Myers – Briggs Type : ENTJ , ENTP , INTJ and INTP

These types will be more in the “investment : longer term are better able to take risks with contingency plans ,” said Linder ” planner could give all the odds and long-term goals . , But want to know exactly what you have every day, and then will follow up with more certainty. ” finance

Planners like to be as competent as smarter than the rest of the room , and represent about 12% of the population. finance
If you are a planner : You’re big on the big picture thinking, but can become so focused on the forest forget to see the trees . In other words , planners will live in the future so they lose opportunities in the here and now , that Linder called ” analysis paralysis ” .

Select a portion of their income to immediately divert long-term savings , and establish other specific account ” Mad Money” , to be used for the indulgences today.


Myers – Briggs Type : ENFJ , ENFP , INFJ and INFP finance

These people make money personally as an extension of themselves and ” how they spend it is an expression of their identity,” said Linder . They approach the idea of ​​”please” two ways pleasing to them themselves or to please others. But Linder said it was different from planning as ” a planner wants to make sure you have the shoes and a safe and comfortable environment. finance
Pleaser is relational needs , emotional self and others.”

Pleasers are considered “attention” , and represent approximately 12% of the population.
If you are a pleasure to pleasure can be subject to financial abuse at the hands of people who can take advantage of the arrangement of the Pleaser to the needs of others before their own . finance}}}And even when dealing with them, Pleasers can abuse their good nature overspending Bottom line ” because I’m worth . ” Beware of toxic friends that can handle your best intentions.

Players  personality

Myers – Briggs Type : ESTP , ESFP , ISTP , ISFP

Players, such as freedom of simply reacting to the moment : A Linder said ” common equality – ing . ” As are characterized by a tendency to be compulsive , and are unlikely to think long term , players are ” often the ” higher financial risk , says Linder . finance

Obviously , players see themselves as “concerns” , and represent approximately 38 % of the population.  personality

If you’re a gamer : These guys are going to be too impulsive and optimistic about the risks and careless planning . Interestingly, there is an upside to the reader : the ingenuity and can-do attitude that may be all you need for business experience . finance

Using the results type

In all classes , Linder said , the point is to understand that this is not a question of money , but what money means to you and to all members. finance

If your partner Protector said : “We can not afford a vacation,” could truthfully say, ” I’m afraid it will stay guard if not watch every penny. ” Meanwhile, as a gift , you can think : ” What is the point of having a comfortable retirement , if we have good memories to share and look back together “? finance

So the most important thing to do is to validate the feelings and impulses around your attitude toward money and budget in a way that is both responsible and viable . This does not mean you should just give in to them, nor does it mean that you should be able to fight against their own impulses . Instead , you must recognize without prejudice, so you can move forward in a way that is realistic, taking into account trends. finance

When people feel validated , said Linder , who are more likely to achieve your goal , because ” when the reaction is stopped , you can begin to act on their behalf . ” finance

How does it affect your personality type of your finance

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