5 Easy Ways to encourage – and discourage – Employees

I also put it simple : There are a lot of motivated employees there. In a recent national study shows that less than 1-4 non-managerial employees is fully committed ( aka, fully motivated and productive ) , that is, say , plenty of room for improvement . And since the employee’s relationship with their direct manager is the most important factor that affects the commitment, responsibility of management to improve motivation levels . So, here are 5 tips to encourage – and discourage – employees . Easy

1) Align individual economic interests with business results – Okay, so that the former is not as easy as others , it takes more time to do the higher hierarchical levels than the rest. However, the incentive programs that give employees at all levels of the organization the opportunity to benefit when a successful business … can stimulate natural motivation ( always assuming strong individual performance to participate in the economic benefits ) . Employees

2) Have a genuine interest in the future development of the career of an employee – it does wonders for the attitude of an employee to believe that the manager is really where his career is heading concerns. Mentoring , coaching , suggesting additional training or courses – all these can be useful to employees, and much appreciated Easy

3) Have a genuine interest in the work-life balance – To the extent that managers can offer flexible schedules … and be understanding your family obligations, appointments and so on – such sensitivity can be greatly appreciated. Small gestures often make a big difference.

4) Listen – It’s easy: Just listen carefully . To get ideas from employees to improve employment … or their issues, concerns , frustrations , conflicts, dramas , children questions, problems , grandparents problems – you name it , I heard . Well , you have to separate the wheat from the chaff and , as a director, which can take sometimes – but within reasonable limits , intelligent listening is an integral part of the work. ( If someone is a chronic and carp simulator for the sake of criticizing , just tell them to drop it and get back to work . But if someone is a good employee … well , people like to be heard. ) Easy

5) Do not do to others what you would have them do to you – When it comes to treatment of subordinates , is as simple as it gets. But too powerful – is still valid today as it was a few thousand years. This shows that you respect your employees as people, and the work they do.

Now , about these easy ways to deter someone … encourage

1) Use his position of power as a manager in a way that shows that it is fully respected their employees as individuals – This is the inverse of the number 5, and may be subtle . Being chronically late for staff meetings . Do not return to your messages. Ignore suggestions to improve operations . They may seem like small things an officer with weight problems in your mind … but the reality is that people feel . As noted above , the little things can make a big difference in their feelings about the work. Easy

2 ) take credit for a project to one of his employees actually did most of the work – This is guaranteed to make people crazy . Good managers are safe enough to give any credit where it is due . Employees

3 ) lose your temper – A wicked prime 1) above. It’s human nature : people do not like being on the wrong side of that sort of thing. Lost spirits are often followed by misplaced loyalty . encourage

4) Do not get out of their employees in an attack on the organization or staff – Assuming that the attacks are not deserved – only nonsense personal or organization (which has been known to happen ) – their employees want and expect to save . If not, be agreed. Employees

5) Be emotionally stingy – People like praise. They want to know they are doing a good job and are valued. ( Assuming you do a good job , of course. If not, then tell them that they are just undermine their credibility. ) , But if they are doing well , the simple words of encouragement are easy, inexpensive and can be a source of motivation. encourage

All these suggestions ( other than the leadoff economic interests ) have the same cost : nothing. And this list is not exhaustive . When it comes to motivating employees , which is only limited by your imagination . Employees

5 Easy Ways to encourage – and discourage – Employees

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via The A 1 Effective http://a1effective.blogspot.com/2013/11/5-easy-ways-to-encourage-and-discourage.html


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