Useful Tips on How to interview someone in Video Camera

Video Each interview is an exercise in psychology, is played with the therapist. Here are some techniques to get the best answers when you need someone to spill their guts … or just explain something , in private and in complete sentences , whether for a corporate video , website or YouTube . interview
The basic scheme of a good interview

  • 1) simple and warm with broader issues . For example, ” Tell me what you working on? ” Or , ” What was your last project ? “
  • 2 ) Ask them to describe the situation. Ask: ” Give me an example of what is bread (or other ) ? ” Or ” How common is whole grain kitchen ? “
  • 3) dare to take a stand on the issue. If they say ” Just not enough grain to cook everything in the United States ! ” Follow up with a why question, ” What makes you say that there is not enough whole grain baking ? ” Open questions still raise more than a yes or no . Video
  • 4) Save the tough questions for last. For example, if you produce an internal video , ask: ” What would you say to employees worried about layoffs ?” Or end with the big issues that advance the conversation like, ” What is the hardest part of your job at this time , “or ” Where can expect to see this in a year ” interview
  • 5 ) conclude again ask your big question when the defendant is on a roll : ” In short , why this subject is so important at this time ? ” Video

The key to any great interview is research. Do not walk into an interview for the facts that you can get online . Your contact will take you more seriously if you are as educated and prepared . If you do not, you could end up like Kathie Lee Gifford asked Martin Short when his wife is doing ( she died) . Video

Men : What you should focus on camera
Gentlemen , good condition of the camera is very important! If you create a video for your website , running a meeting via Skype or appearing on local news, every viewer will pressure a judgment about you based on your appearance. Here are some rules and tips to keep you amazing in the air or online. . . and let the public be distracted by your team!
Go to:
A well-tailored suit ( NOT wide) and consider pairing a bold conservative rather than red or blue orange tie or habitual residence (unless you’re running for president ) .
Casual shirts can work , but ignore the colors white , gray or brown. A shirt is great if you’re a surfer or make home repairs , but opts for a casual collared shirt if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner .
If you arrive before the camera , as it is a doctor, fireman , or other recognized role and wear the uniform . Play the game .
Avoid :
Green if you’re against a “green screen” . Your body will be invisible.
• The color of your background . For example, if you are going to be a guest on Charlie Rose, do not wear black . The black will make you look like a floating head .
Sometimes red . A red that is too light may seem over saturated and burrs on the video .
Bright white shirts (unless you wear it under a jacket ) . It’s too risky . The white light output , you look like you’re in heaven. Unless it’s the look you are going for.
• Some of the reasons you may want to reconsider , with a top or a draw herringboned finely scratched or marked . Sometimes , the video can not accurately “read ” a model. Your clothes may seem to vibrate , giving your audience a headache .

Useful Tips on How to interview someone in Video Camera

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