How to succeed in a video interview

While modern technology is improving every day, more and more companies are using video conferencing interviews to complete the screening process of potential candidates. Video interview is similar to a face to face and is a great way to find the right people to be invited to a face- to-face . interview
Here are some tips on how to prepare for your first interview to land the job of your dreams . These tips are based on a video interview once I committed to a company based in Australia . Wanted to be as far away from England, so I decided to apply for an internship in Australia . I won, and I have an internship and now I’ve spent nine months of this beautiful country. I hope these tips will help make the job / internship you want !
Prepare in advance
It is very important to prepare in advance and send the relevant documentation to the person who will interview you because it does not meet your employer face face. Send something at least two days before your interviewer will have enough time to review these documents in advance.
Check the technical team and the sound
The last thing you want is to have technical problems when interviewed so it is important to ensure that the settings for the microphone , webcam and everything is in order . Try the sound and reduce or increase the volume. You may want to call a friend to make a sound and can also help to practice acting in a role play interview . When I did, my friend noticed that I talk too fast and if I had the opportunity to work on this. It’s a good idea to test the interview with someone not only to test the equipment , but for information on how you present yourself. If you, like me, talks fast when he’s nervous so it is important to remember to speak slowly , because there may be a delay line .
De -cluttering your space and minimize distractions
De -cluttering your space is very important that you do not want anything to distract you . Make sure you are the only person in the room , move all the debris out of the office and make sure to keep the background simple and orderly manner. It is important to set the camera to focus on the center of the head and shoulders and keep the microphone close to you so you can be easily understood . Please remember not to shuffle papers near the microphone that these sounds are intensified .
Try to anticipate and cut background noise , such as traffic, clocks ticking and noise from neighbors , choosing a quiet place. While this may seem self – evident , do not forget to put your phone on silent and close all software applications that can make sounds.
Dress appropriately 
The interview took place in my house and when I got out of bed , put on my normal clothes because I was at home. Fortunately , I remembered to change as the interviewer can see what you’re wearing . It is important to dress in a professional manner in the same way as if attending a formal face – to – face interview. Dressing the part will help you focus and convey a good impression so even if you are not sitting in the same room with the people you interview, make the dress and wear a suit as a non – maintenance video . It’s best to avoid white stripes and bright colors or distracting patterns , as some devices have trouble focusing on light colored clothing . In addition, some video monitors fluctuating form patterns on the screen during the broadcast fringe patterns . Instead, it is recommended that solid blue and gray tones .

Looking directly at the camera
While this may seem strange , it is important to treat the camera as if it were the employer. Look directly when to talk and focus their attention when the interviewer asks questions . This will give the impression that you are confident that you can use t his advantage . Do not look away from the camera, as it may give the interviewer the impression that you are distracted or disinterested .
Body language and appearance
The next step is to memorize the names of the researchers . This will show that you are interested and willing to be interviewed by them. Listen carefully when the interviewer speaks and using facial expressions as a wink and a smile to show that you are listening . To calm his nerves , drinking herbal tea and deep breathing exercises before the interview begins. Unlike an interview in person, you can reduce your body and hand movements in a video interview . Rapid, jerky movements sometimes appear on the video screen .
Write a list of questions for the interviewer
At the end of the interview, it is good to ask the interviewer relevant questions to show that you are interested in the job and you ‘ve done your research . It will almost certainly be able to ask questions and so make sure you’ve thought about it and you just prepared . Some ideas include:
What is the management style of the company?
What are the prospects for growth and progress ?
What do you enjoy most about your job?
What do you look for in a candidate?
When I can wait to hear from you ?
I hope these give you some starting points . For more information on how to perform well in interviews in general, take a look at our eBook How was the interview that will give you more information and tips on how to look the part, how it happens, the types of questions that can show true knowledge of the function and business and more!

How to succeed in a video interview

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