Five personality traits employers to hire more

I know : you ‘ve done your research next job , well … their work. You came to its buzzwords summary of clichés , brushing body language and even has a handle on the video interview feared.
But it could all be for nothing if you simply do not have the personality to your dream employer is looking for. A new study shows that the vast majority of employers (88%) are looking for a ” cultural fit ” in the skills of your next vacation more and more companies focus on dropout rates . Luckily for you , we have drilled down on 1200 data of the largest employers in the world (think General Electric, Procter & Gamble and Accenture) to find exactly the company is looking for a great personality.
Universum , the employer branding company based in Stockholm , which examines each year to more than 400,000 students and professionals from around the world on issues related to jobs , reformed their data to the five personality traits employers seek in candidates in the year 2012. How is that an advantage over the competition?
” We ask employers to get a sense of the challenges faced in recruiting ,” says Joao Araujo Universum . ” What are they looking for in their employees and what are not ? ” By identifying the two lines, he said, people seeking employment applicants can identify both the most sought after features and refresh resumes and tactics interview to rank better.
Professionalism ( 86 % ) , high energy ( 78 % ) and confidence ( 61 % ) are the three main features of employers say they are looking for new recruits . Kathy Harris , CEO of Manhattan -based executive search firm Harris Allied says these traits first impression is the most important for employers to prepare for them to be evaluated by a recruiter or hiring manager in the first 30 seconds of meeting a candidate.

” A manager can play as soon as you walk through the door ,” he said , from the clothes you wear to how you hold the handle of your first handshake , introduce yourself as a professional insurance, energy is about as basic career advice received . traits But it will be deducted from the current board. Harris , who specializes in the placement of senior executives say that even the most experienced entrepreneurs . employers Can start with the basics Universum clients are unanimous confidence ranges first in the list of skills companies believe that employees are more scarce. personality
” We remind all candidates for more detailed advice ,” he said . The successful candidate is one who walks in all interviews with hand outstretched for a handshake to his side, has done his homework on the interviewer and the company and dressed to perfection to the culture of the workplace .

Personality traits that say Universum remaining customers are essential in the hiring process are those that can be read at the hearing , but requires a resume and interview preparation . To be presented as a self-monitoring ( 58 % ) , personality type, Harris said the new language setting to draw attention to a work experience where you worked independently or excelled without direct management guide . personality ” In interviews, anecdotes that show how you have saved, do or achieve in previous positions selected … and how self -motivation is essential to its success . “
Intellectual curiosity ( 57 % ) is , appropriately, a curious feature of Harris , who says he usually advise clients to significantly alter the ” hobbies and interests ” sections of their resumes . ” I think in intellectual curiosity research employers are looking for two things ,” he said . ”
personality The ability to solve problems and unwavering dedication to learning new technologies or solutions that will continue to grow in the middle work in progress. ” Employers are asking new recruits will be with the company in the long term, he said . An employee who reluctantly adopt a new database is not as attractive as that is really passionate about learning new things. employers

Five personality traits employers to hire more

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