How to improve body language to the job interview

Studies have shown that your body language communicates more to someone else what you say or the tone of your voice. This is even more true when you are interacting with a stranger , so naturally , sizes up to someone new. For this reason , body language during job interview has a significant effect on the perception of the human resources director , so your chances of getting hired . body language

How to present your body can send signals subtle (and sometimes not so subtle ) projecting anxiety , hesitation , confidence , even arrogance. Because restaurant jobs require strong interpersonal skills , a director of human resources will be very aware of your body language and the way it is ( or is not) to the questions he or she asks and the answers you give . With this in mind, you should observe their own habits and what it means to emit ( with or without notice consciously ) . There is also a preparation for a job interview should include a review of a good body language , and not just focus on what you say :
Do not try to pretend :
Since body language is often as a lie detector , which is difficult to fake body language and most of us can not do our bodies do what we want when we are nervous . The key is not fake ! The trick is relaxed and connected to your body during an interview. When you leave your body in automatic mode and ignores basic sensations , you will be surprised how quickly you slouch in your chair or start typing fingers nervously .
body language
Slow Down :
The first thing you can practice slows down the speed at which we speak. Often when we move at the speed of mind, we lose control of our body language . Thus speaks slowly and deliberately is a good way to keep our bodies in check during an interview. Since our main goal during the interview is what we say anyway ( not the feet or shoulders ) , how fast you are talking is a reliable way for more control over his body and a more relaxed overall . When you do a practice interview with a friend, record the tape and see how it performs . You can see their body language, but also to keep the speed at which you speak. There is an additional advantage : if it is unusually low , slow speakers tend to disarm and rest what they are talking about, in this case, the human resources director .
body language
Learning body language :
During preparation, you want to focus on what to do and what not to do. Nobody is perfect . If you slip into a kind of negative ask during the interview, you do not want to lose your cool and allow plenty of talk clouds your thinking . During the interview all reset a couple of times (it would be strange to be still) . The thing is to teach your body to recognize body language in your body ( without a mirror ) . Note Sensations bring more attention to what you do with your body when your mind is elsewhere , in response to interview questions . These are the basics of good body language :

  • Eye Contact : Maintain eye contact frequently flashing . Detect the comfort level of the manager and give them a little more contact with the same eyes.
  • Posture: Sit straight , but in a relaxed manner , which fall naturally shoulders and back is straight and not bent backwards .
  • Angles : Direct your shoulders so that you get to the manager . Do not want to avoid , but the opening .
  • Drawing : You do not want to be a state or lean aggressively. Lean Flow , if necessary , but always return to a natural sitting position .
  • Hands and feet: find an awkward position before the interview offer engaged , but not aggressive. The more relaxed you are the best , the feet should be flat on the floor (if possible ) and hands should be in a neutral state at least talk . When you talk, your gestures should be natural and is used sparingly   body language

What day of the interview :

His body language is a product of your energy level . Hormones , such as adrenaline can play an important role in the mental and physical state . So if you calm tensions , such as exercise , yoga or meditation , it is a good idea to make the day of the interview (but not over do it ) . On the other hand , just drink enough coffee to stay awake and alert, that caffeine can wreak havoc with nervousness. how

Stay in your seat and not your thoughts :

Remember that an interview is just a conversation , and there were thousands and thousands of conversations in your life. If you think this is a show , it is very likely not to report the hiring manager and probably affect your body language. Therefore the development of a simple system of “check -in ” in your body. Be positive whenever stretched in the chair or to focus on the eyes of the interviewer. With body language, things fall apart around the world , what makes the difference is that those who gather naturally . In this way, let your body language helps your next job. body language

How to improve body language to the job interview

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