Exercise during pregnancy

Interview with Crystal run a marathon in the first quarter and exercise during pregnancy
Exercise during pregnancy , it can be done . Now if you look at the pros and cons of exercise during pregnancy , meet Crystal , a woman of 23 years in the Air Force , who ran his first marathon when he was ten weeks pregnant .
Crystal lives in Mountain Home , Idaho. She and Nick were married for four years. She discovered she was pregnant with her son Jack , now sixteen months while she was in the middle of the formation of his first marathon.
Read about his decision to continue his career during pregnancy and how his decision affected her pregnancy .
A little glass , is a young and enthusiastic mother of many talents such as running , playing the piano and writing.
Crystal ‘s story is one that we hope to inspire you and help you if you are faced with the decision to exercise or not during pregnancy.
Here is the transcript of the interview .
Are you a working mom or a stay at home ?
I am a freelance writer for several different magazines ( teen magazines , mainly family and ) and a private piano teacher . I averaged about 25 students at a given time . Between these two jobs, I can not stay home with Jack , but it still works . I love working .
What are you going to school?
I have my degree in mass communications / journalism from Boise State University in 2006 .
How long are you running?
I would say it was “seriously” running (for me , at least) since college … about 5 years
How did you get in the race?
My family is very athletic and sports have always been important to us, but I am not a born runner . I do not I have the body of a runner! I played volleyball and was a cheerleader in high school , and I also loved playing tennis and other sports , but I saw him running as something to be tolerated in the EP , my favorite class .
My first year , I was in a PE class forward where I was the only girl . All the other kids played football every day . I’m pretty small, so that gradually the others tired of my pathetic efforts guys. The teacher said I could play football with them, or start running laps around the track . I hated every minute of it at first, but at the end of the semester , I woke up wanting to go for a run !
Also , I grew up near Eugene , Oregon, the self-proclaimed ” Capital of the track in the world” , the host of the Olympic track and field trials , and the house of Nike and the ongoing revolution . Everyone in the Willamette Valley finally collected.
What made ​​you decide to run a marathon ?
When I was about eight years , I wrote a list of everything I wanted to do in life. To run a marathon was one of 102 goals . When was the last year of college , I decided it was time. I thought I might as well , since I have no children. Ha! If I’d known.
How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant when I was in the middle of training for a marathon ?
Oh , my God! I started training seriously in December , and all was well . Idaho often high in adolescents ( and sometimes less ) in December , so I was proud of myself for making my poor body to the elements all day and not give up.
Then I discovered I was pregnant in March. My first reaction was panic , not only because the pregnancy was not planned. I put a lot of effort into my training , and I do not want it to be for nothing , but do not want to hurt the baby.
I made a decision within 24 hours to run the marathon again. I did some research on exercise during pregnancy and prayed a lot, and that proved to be the best option for me and my baby .
How was your pregnancy affect your training and vice versa?
I woke up almost every day with a mad desire to throw up, but also knowing that I had to run . So not only was I being crazy in the wind of the desert , blinding snow and freezing temperatures , but also was stopping every few miles to run on the side of the road. Exercise during pregnancy is not glamorous.
I made sure to really listen to my body , stay hydrated and super tight, but I do not run for fewer miles or less effort and intensity than expected. I ran heavy mileage before pregnancy , so I knew that my baby would be fine with the same amount and a slight increase each week. 
Also, eat very healthy because of my marathon , so it worked out well for my growing baby , too! He had two huge sound reasons !
However, my training definitely affected my pregnancy ! Never swaying , I never felt uncomfortable, not gain too much weight (20 pounds, and Jack 8-4) was wonderful after the first quarter, not stop doing something that I ‘ loved. Always biked , worked in the yard , running as much as I wanted , climbing trees , playing team sports … most people could not believe how small and remained active , and I count my exercise during pregnancy .
In the morning I went into labor , a woman asks me how my supermarket second quarter . When I said I was 9 months pregnant , her eyes out of her head. I attribute this really all my exercise during pregnancy and my career !
How does it feel to run his first marathon in ten weeks?
I’m not a fast runner , so I was intimidated by all elite runners I saw. I was also nervous about my decision not to tell anyone other than my husband I was pregnant beforehand. I do not want to talk about it.
As I ran , I saw my little baby pumping his fist inside me, to encourage me. I thought it was the first step to a lifetime of fitness and healthy lifestyle for my son. And not let me.
As everyone is news when I finally told them I was pregnant when you ran your first marathon ?
I did not say anything to anyone until the night of the marathon. My parents , Nick and I were hiking in some hills when we broke the news .
My mother , herself a marathon runner ( he finished his last marathon on a broken foot ) , was frightened at first, but once reminded her story marathon broken foot , he understood. She knew she had to finish what I started . pregnancy
My in-laws are not runners , so they think I’m crazy for running in the first place .
Later, I loved the looks on people’s faces as I run . I’m fairly ran to my delivery, but in recent weeks it was more like a walk – jogging glorified. I called it “moves ” .
The people in my church , said , ” Hey I saw you run !’re Crazy Do not you think it’s time to slow down? ” And I just smile and say, ” I feel fine My doctors say perfect book ” The most Idahoans are all non- starters , and think that exercise during pregnancy do not mix is that I attribute the attitude towards it. My friends in Oregon ran all during pregnancy and had a great experience.
How long does your first marathon ?
I ran the Eugene Marathon 2007-4 hours 46 minutes. I think I could have run at 4:30 , but I will not push myself too much.
What is your normal operating speed ?
My normal speed is about 8 minutes per mile , but for half marathons and is more like 9 – 9:45 minute miles . I’m not fast, but okay.
How long does it take to recover from your first marathon?
I took a walk of two miles of a hill at night and felt very good. The next morning , I expected to be unhappy , but I jumped out of bed and the first thing I felt good again. I went to some easy runs that last week , and I felt quite normal . I turned to run 30 miles weeks 3-4 weeks.
Any thoughts you could share with us about the performance or exercise during pregnancy ?
It was well worth it. Yes , morning sickness was awful, but the execution was given a specific goal , something to stop thinking about my stomach and my fear of being a father for the first time .
What happens after you have your baby … How long to wait to start running ?
I began to walk faster to four weeks , and the execution of the afternoon I had the green light from my doctor to 6 weeks! I could not wait , not to exercise, but just leave the house and have some “me time ” .
How many times have you ?
I run 5-6 days a week , usually about 30 miles in total. More when I’m training for marathons and more .
He has run marathons for your first marathon ?
No, the shorter road races mainly only 7lbs Date and 10K . Currently I’m half months of May and took me to complete in October.
What are your goals for the future ?
I like to run more marathons in other states and countries – and Europe Hawaii races are great goals! I also like to run a marathon in under four hours. In my dreams , I fantasize about Boston , but really, I do not know if I’ll ever be as fast .
Does your family?
Everyone in my family (except my father – he prefers team sports ) runs . We even have a trophy with the name of each race ( half marathon and more ) and the time on it! This trophy is huge motivation – everyone wants to beat the other person .
Today, two of my brothers and my mother running marathons, while my other brother runs half marathons and shorter road races (there are much faster over short distances ) . My two sisters play sports all year round , but expect an insect bite running soon .
My husband also runs a variety of races, and has a marathon in May. We encourage others and “speak the same language” – which is wonderful for me and Nick in Idaho have this relationship with our return to the family home .
How does it feel to be a mom is running ? Are you struggling to get your training ? Does your child like ?
Jack digs ! I ran a lot during my pregnancy that the best way to sleep as a newborn was tie in the stroller. I love the movement .
But yes, I think it’s hard to get my workout in. party is a military wife . Among the implementations and TDYs (mini – deployments types from two weeks to several months) my husband who is very difficult to develop a consistent pattern of heavy mileage .
I run with Jack most days of the week , but it’s hard to go more than 5 miles with it now , just for the time and meals and naps and work, among others.
What would you say to other mothers runners and race did not ?
Running is the best choice I can make for myself and my son . It taught me discipline , faith and the value of a goal for me . I feel I am a better mother for my race – not only for the club and the obvious health benefits , but because the race is a way to remain “I” .
During my travels , I pray thee , breathe fresh air , get all my ideas for my articles, clear my mind , the core of my being , to meditate, to teach my child of nature , to give my dog a workout, connect with my husband to feel at one with the world … I could go on and on.
And because I feel refreshed when you return from a race, I can handle what life throws at me. Honestly , I’m more proud of my marathon pregnant I’m in my degree and other achievements of life, because I dug so deep into my soul and I did something I thought was previously inaccessible .
Therefore, the objectives , work hard for them, not give up and enjoying her double life ! Running and motherhood go hand in hand , and do not let anyone tell you that exercise during pregnancy do not mix!

Exercise during pregnancy

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