Rebounder Ab Workouts

The rebounder (or mini trampoline ) is ideal to get a good cardio workout or just have a good time to dry for the whole family . In addition , you can use to get a great ab workout !

Here are some good ab workouts 
you can do on the mini -trampoline: Ab

  • Bounce on the buttocks

Sit on the mini -trampoline with your feet hooked . Do not let your feet touch the ground . Now , keep your hands in the face with elbows bent at a 90 degree angle and use them to propel you as you bounce up and down , up and down . I try to do this about 200 times and finally my abs burn ! Ab

  • Reverse Crunch

Sit on the trampoline and hold the sides . Keep your legs and chew at the same time, bring your upper body to meet their legs. They were on the trampoline and do not let your legs touch the course of this year.

  • Bicycle Abs

The mini trampoline is also ideal for cycling ab workouts . This time backward inclined with the rebounder extended at an angle of approximately 45 degrees with respect to the foot flat rebounder . Keep your hands behind your head and bring the right knee and left elbow together, then the left knee and right elbow . Repeat this as many times as you can . Ab

  • Lift Leg Crunch

Lay back on the rebounder with legs on the floor and bend your arms across his chest. Now lift one leg at a time while you chew until it reaches the leg. repeat with both legs .

  • Oblique rotation

Sit on the mini -trampoline with legs hanging down but not touching the ground. Keep your hands at your sides and rotate your body from side to side . Be sure to keep abs tight during this exercise and move in a slow and controlled. Ab

Rebounder Ab Workouts

Rebounder, Workouts, Ab

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