Good exercises to lose belly fat in a mini trampoline

The best exercises to lose belly fat effectively are those that are fun and promote loss of body fat in general. While spot reduction of abdominal exercises is not likely to significantly reduce abdominal fat , will a combination of aerobic and strengthening the core. With a mini -trampoline , it can feel like a kid again while burning calories , squeezing your heart and reduce belly fat . Work up to 30-40 minutes per session, three to five days a week.

  • Rebounds base

Perform base jumping entering the center of the trampoline . With your feet apart , start bouncing gently up and down. Use basic jump as parts of heating and cooling your workout. You can vary your jump base jumping from one foot to another and gradually increasing and decreasing the distance between the feet .

  • spin rebound

To really work your heart , add a button on each jump. When you jump in the air, turn your soul on one side and then the earth. In the next hop , in turn on the other side . Repeat as many times as you like during your training session mini -trampoline

  •  Butt bounce
While the name may be ridiculous, this exercise is a serious abdominal toner . Sit near the edge of the mini -trampoline , keeping the slope near the sides and feet of ground arms . Pumping his inclination and use the abdominal muscles to bounce buttocks and arms on the trampoline .

  • Tips and safety considerations

Before you make your first jump on the mini -trampoline , make sure you have enough space around and above the trampoline. If you are exercising in the basement or in another room with a low ceiling , place the mini -trampoline accordingly to avoid head injuries high jumps . Also be careful when buying your mini trampoline , trampoline springs and should have strong legs that will not break during use. If you have balance problems, consider purchasing a mini – trampoline with a bar attached warranty .

Good exercises to lose belly fat in a mini trampoline

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