About Your employment contract

An employment contract is a written contract . He described the conditions of their employment and helps to protect your rights as an employee. If there is a misunderstanding between you and your employer about their work and their functions, refer to the contract at the time to talk to your employer
The employment contract is an agreement between the employer and the employee , which governs relations between the two sides
It need not be in writing and may be inferred from the circumstances. A written contract may include a document handwritten page long or short, as a result of detailed negotiations . Most contracts are somewhere in between
Failure to provide written employment results in a lack of clarity as neither party knows the full extent of their rights, duties and obligations as a contact
Taking the time to prepare a contract of employment of each employee , conflict and ambiguity of the employment relationship can be minimized. As each company has different needs and perspectives, the style and content of different employment contracts

  • Covered by the contract ?

The contents of each contract will depend on the nature of business and the work that is proposed , but there are some standard terms and conditions

The laws of the United Kingdom provide minimum rights and obligations , including the right to security of the system of work and minimum notice periods , the duty to obey reasonable and lawful orders and the duty not to disclose trade secrets, etc. These rights and obligations are implicit contracts about
However, there are additional protections that a written contract may provide that are very valuable to a company , such as the ability to place a departing employee licensed from the garden during the reporting period , the ability to make a payment in lieu notice rather than require the individual to work in their opinion, etc
Confidential information and intellectual property can be protected. They may also have legitimate needs that require protection through agreements such as client connections , trade secrets and confidential information
Covenants former employees seek to prevent harm to the company after his departure . Legal advice should be taken to maximize the chances of enforcement because such clauses are generally considered to be contrary to public policy and invalid . For more information, see our separate
Be hired is a very exciting experience , whether it’s your first job or your tenth . However, once you have been offered the position you have to think and read carefully before signing anything

Here are some things to consider 

before signing the contract :

  • The job description

Go through the job description carefully. Is it clear what is expected? Ask questions if you’re not. Make sure when you start the first day , you know what you have to do
Many contracts limit the work you can do outside of work. This means that , as a graphic designer , you may not be able to accept any additional work after hours, even if they are for a friend or a charity  Find what you can and cannot do ..

  • Non-compete

Often , contracts will be your ability to work in an environment similar to a competitor or in the same area for some time after leaving the company. Do not be out of work in the future !

About Your employment contract

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