Little Known Ways to choose your new boss

Going for a job interview is as much about you as you interview interview the interviewer. Remember why you are in an interview , is that the employer has a need that can hopefully be the solution. Boss
Before agreeing to join a company , you want to be sure that the people working with will be a part , knowledge transfer and help ensure that you grow in your role . The most important person will obviously be their new manager .
Boss Selecting your new boss is similar to the choice of his lifelong friends or even your partner – with the difference that is likely to spend more time awake with his new boss . Little
Be sure to select the right through this list before deciding if your potential new boss is good for you :

  • 1) Chemistry:

You will know immediately if you have good chemistry with your manager- to-be. A sense of humor , body language , interest and common reason , in general, will determine how you hear . Boss Once you have left the interview, you will have this intuition . Be honest with yourself , you see yourself working with this person for the next three to five years ? If the answer is no , run for the hills . Little

  • 2 ) Background:

Be sure to ask your future manager how they found themselves in their role . Was it by choice or necessity ? How long have they been with the company ? He turned as they should ? What would change if you could ? This will help to draw a picture of what things will be like for you. Boss

  • 3) Style of Management new

Is this sugar potential applicator or more to training camp Sergeant new boss? Ask them to describe themselves as a nursery and what your priorities . Watch David Brent social clichés and slogans style. Another key clue is how they like to get involved at the time of his subordinates daily work. Some people hate being micro – managed , others thrive on it . Whichever you prefer , it is important that both are on the same wavelength . Boss

  • 4) Can you learn from them Little

As they say you must learn to work , your boss should be your teacher. If you can see this person’s learning now and in the coming years , probably a winner. The question to ask is whether they have the skills they want to acquire and seems happy to share with you ?

  • 5 ) that belong to that Boss

Insist on compliance with boss’s boss . You need to understand what kind of manager that said this extends to your situation as well. If possible , ask to see the top dog separately so you can do some probing questions about his possible new manager. new

  • 6) the treatment of the problem

Nothing like a little pressure to see true character of somebody. Whether a conflict on your computer or an accident , how to deal with it ? Request a specific example. This will give you an idea of ​​how to deal with you in case you lock horns in the future. They say that an employee expert knows how to manage your manager, and the only way to do this is the way they are likely to react in a particular situation . Boss

  • 7) the prospects of the company

Ask the director what the main obstacles are planned for the company, what is your plan to overcome them. This will show how clued in subjects outside their department and the measures have in store .

  • 8) When you were going

Try to understand what the goals for the boss. Does he or she is going places and stay there for the foreseeable future ? You should know what you may want to climb the ladder of a day. The disadvantage is that it can end up being handled by a stranger at night.
Decision time
His ability to get along with his future manager is everything for job satisfaction and career development . After interviewing your potential boss , take your time to digest the information. Always go with what your instinct tells about the person . I just search for money or fame , because again and bit him where it hurts .
Have you chosen the right leader the last time ? What will you do differently next time you change jobs ? Share your experiences in the comments.

Little Known Ways to choose your new boss

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