Have you booked your holidays ?

holidays Due to the holidays, family gatherings, and the compulsory license at the end of fun in general , most people are dismissed at the end of the year. With only seven weeks left before the end of 2013 half , take decisions on their free time , if you have not already done so.

We offer a guide to negotiate your holidays so no license is in the negative or can not go on holidays and have booked and paid the license due to restrictions .

  • Plan your year in advance

Before going further this year , sit with a calendar that lists holidays in South Africa and work out what their movements are general for next year . Be sure to check with your partner if you have one, or your family . holidays

The periods of the year will know if you need to leave something or other , for example. 60th anniversary of his mother or the wedding of a good friend. booked}}}

  • Enjoy the holidays

If you know in advance that you want to plan a vacation away or go home to his family for a period of time , make use of the time there are many holidays near save your license . Late April and early May and late December and early January are the best times for vacations from one to three weeks. holidays

  • Learn the high and low periods of your company

To save you from being denied permits over time, take note that your business is the most active and when it is at its slowest . Try to be present in the two periods of increased activity possible and crisis plan your vacation , or if you have to take leave during a period of intense activity, making a short period of leave . This means that their employers know they can count on you and not have to catch up when you return to the chaotic office. holidays

  • communicate

Although you do not know a whole year in advance exactly when you have to take a license, you have a vague idea is still good . You can send your manager an e – mail with a vague idea of ​​when you will be away so he or she can plan their year in advance. Get your holidays as soon as possible will decrease your chances of being rejected or all the frustrations of your manager. holidays

  • Do not pay anything until your license is approved

Try to book and pay for travel or plane , etc. Once your holidays has been officially approved. Your company is not required to grant leave to request specific days .

  • Try to save one or two days

If you have nothing in the year you actually have to go out , try to save at least one day off in the current year for the following year , where you can plan a longer trip. This will give you some leeway if something happens. booked

  • Do not stay too long without saying goodbye

There are employees who do not take for years and accumulate for weeks. This is not necessarily a good thing. First, you need a break to run correctly and secondly , most companies do not make too much off and simply will expire if not used . What a mess !

  • Travel Plans at regular intervals throughout the year

To stay healthy at work and give you a refreshing break regularly , plan a regular break every three months. If you know you will have free time in April , December and three or four long weekends in the year due to the holidays , in order to take a day or two to break up long periods of other work . booked

Have you booked your holidays ?

have, booked, holidays


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