The Seven Things to consider before accepting a job offer

job You’ve done very well to have received a job offer in this day and age , pat yourself on the back and enjoy the fact that now the ball is in your court . job As great as you feel at this time , do not rush to any emotional decision . My advice is to stay targeted and allow careful consideration, especially if you are in good position to the level of time. Take a few nights of good sleep for the old noodle think about the pros and cons . consider

  • 1) Does the offer Add Up? offer job

Ensure that all documents, in addition to what had already offered verbally. Details to consider include the title, department, location , online information , hours of work , annual leave , salary, benefits , start date and more. Clarify any discrepancies with the human resources representative sooner rather than later . job I have seen candidates reject job offers only by written offer containing incorrect information , which obviously is not a good first impression for any candidate.

  • 2) equitable remuneration ? consider

How referenced against peers and your industry? Make sure you are satisfied with the current salary and knows when the next salary review will be for you , and the degree of realism that will get a raise at this point. The package should start to make you happy until next salary increase.

  • 3 ) the place of work for you ? offer

By this I mean both the office layout and the physical location of the office. Some people can not tolerate an open office landscape , others thrive . Some of us like to travel on one o’clock , as it gives them some quality time alone . job Others think one minute is a minute wasted trip . You have to visualize what it will be like going and back in the day and the day in.

  • 4) Will you people?

Is that her new crew chief looks like a merry band will welcome you and you let yourself? It is the culture of the company in accordance with their own values ​​and ideas? If you connect with people, they probably have the same feeling for you and that will naturally support . job

  • 5 ) Do you understand exactly what you will be doing in your new job ?

His workload must be realistic and the value of the compensation received by it. Make sure you understand exactly what the company thinks you have. If you are not completely understood , ask for a document describing their rights and expectations on you. job This will serve as a benchmark against which to measure your progress on paper ( you know your boss is going to do the same) . In addition, a detailed job specification will help with future salary reviews , as well as prevent your employer to give random tasks that have nothing to do with the work that you have accepted. consider

  • 6 (What are the career prospects ? offer

Will you play this role for the next five years to wait to move up a rung on the ladder of each year? You may or may not want to ascend beyond this position , what is your plan, you want to make sure that the company has the same system and knows his intentions. job If your desire is to be promoted , ask for examples ( case studies call to impress other employees) that started in their role and moved to .

  • 7) how everything works compared to your current job?

Assuming you have a job right now , what are the odds that you are promoting , if you stay ? Can you get more money or a home office , if you ask your boss?
Check your offer in front of the points provided in the text and note the advantages and disadvantages. Always think on paper to make a decision like this . Take time to imagine doing this work every day for years . What feeling do you go with ? Anyway – what is your response to this work.

The Seven Things to consider before accepting a job offer

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