The safest jobs in a bad economy

jobs As we slowly approached the edge of the much anticipated “double dip” , the Great Recession continues its third consecutive year in which the focus of economic debate in our country year. This has affected and continues to affect everyone in the United States, in one way or another – whether through unemployment , underfunding of the institutions of state and government , as schools and infrastructure, or the violent fluctuations in the market values ​​. jobs Unemployment, in particular, has long been noted by many economists as the main economic problem of our community. Safest
Although unemployment was great in all sectors , some were clearly more affected than others. Some professions, such as mail sorting and processing photographs, are being phased out by current digital technologies that make it faster , perhaps , obsolete . bad}}} Other companies, independent record stores are in decline because of the way their respective industries have radically transform itself – again , thanks to digital technology .
Other studies , however , nevertheless , are increasing. The sharp rise. And while everyone knows that the tech giants are constantly recruiting the best and brightest , you may be surprised to hear about some of the others. Any interest in becoming a makeup performance ? Now is the time , with 40 % of job growth in 2016 . jobs}}} Or how about dabbling in mental health counseling ?
bad There are more benefits to society in this work, with a remarkable – if somewhat inexplicably – the expected growth of 30 % . So if you’re tired of your job and looking for a new job, now may be the time to go back to school and get a high school diploma in one of 10 specialties . These jobs , according to the data, they have nowhere to go but up . Safest
Some good jobs with good wages :

  • – The database administrator $67,460
  • – Skin Specialist $ 29,550
  •  – Veterinarian $89,490
  • – Financial Analyst $ 77,280
  • – Dental Hygienist $62,430
  • – Forensic Science Technician $ 48,150
  • – Mental Health Counselor $ 37,840
  • – Software Engineer  $87,250 jobs

And do not even think about becoming light lamp, type of establishment, reader or the elevator operator – these jobs are in danger of extinction. Safest

The safest jobs in a bad economy

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