How NOT to Rot in Your Job ?

How You may have an idea that it is time for you to seek pastures new , or you may want to make sure you are doing the right thing by staying put . Anyway, go through these and see if they apply to you. How

  • 1) Sense of purpose Job

Does your work allows you to do meaningful work and fulfilling? This is subjective and can not be solved by his own satisfaction after a day of hard work. You want to feel that their efforts have made ​​a difference for their customers and it is important for your business. Ask yourself how the company would be affected if the left. How

  • 2 ) comfort zone Job

Your job is easy ? It’s boring and no challenge at a time? You might have done for a while and I realized that the experience is worth it in this particular job . This is true , but also a lot of experience in a job will be a hindrance in your career as you will miss the big picture of your business. Rot

  • 3) Development How

Are you trying to learn? They say the rich do not work for money, just to learn . You may need the money , but if you are not learning , you’re not doing your career or yourself favors. The goal is to make money and learn. Ask yourself , when was the last time you received quality training and relevant? Everyone who is mentoring and ensure that you develop ? What have you learned since you started in this position and what you expect to learn if you stay ? How

  • 4) career opportunities Job

Opportunities for progress , there is a clear path for you or race will be most likely in the same role in the immediate future ? If you do a good job, your employer should tell you what to expect and prepare a plan to allow progress. If he or she has little interest in its progress , it could indicate that you are in pole position for climbing stairs soon. How

  • 5) Persons Rot

You hear with your colleagues ? As some of us spend more waking time with colleagues and families, ensuring you enjoy working with people around you . It need not be the best friend in the world , but being able to work well together , this is the least you would expect .

  • 6) Travel How

Location – is the journey bearable, or is it get the best of you? Most people can make travel an hour each way for a while, but if you can be productive (eg , a laptop on the train) , it’s a waste of time and probably not feasible long term. Some employers offer the option of home office that certainly helps . How

  • 7) Balance Rot

The work / life balance – do not change when you get home or are constantly checking emails and thinking about work ? You should not need to be a zombie work Monday to Friday , your relationships outside of work should not suffer because of mental fatigue. How
Do you think they get paid enough for their efforts ? How do you go against an industry benchmark ? This question is not cash compensation , including its full (paid vacation, benefits, bonuses , etc. .) Tally all and see how it compares .
While most of these points apply to you, have a serious think about their future and work on a road map to where it should be . If the points do not apply , the happy days – you’re the good work!

How NOT to Rot in Your Job ?

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