How can you survive and thrive in your new job ?

Drum roll , please! You’ve landed your first or new job. Congratulations ! You are on your way to be happy career. But wait , did you accept an offer that is only the tip of the iceberg ? A recent study by Leadership IQ , global leadership training and research firm suggests that 46 % of new hires fail within the first 18 months, while only 19 % succeed . job
Raise the bar as it grows and begins this exciting journey of your life. I will share simple, practical ideas you can use immediately to build career happiness in their first job. I consider it my gift to you as you begin a remarkable career !

  • Awesome Idea 1 – Being a subordinate warned . job

Observe, observe and watch some more. Then ask intelligent questions that help you understand what is important to your boss and coworkers. Your job is to make your boss successful . Offer your skills to the highest job every time and ask to projects. What are the ” hot buttons” for your boss ?
FACT – 17 % hires lack of motivation to learn and excel.

  • Brilliant Idea 2 – Be friendly and approachable .

Image Issues – strongly dress , learn the unwritten rules of acceptable behavior and build your professional reputation of integrity and discipline. Behavioral approach include being nice, managing emotions and take the time to know their colleagues. Happily accept desired tasks . How do you handle disappointment?
FACT – 23 % of new hires are unable to manage their emotions .

  • Idea 3 – be open to mistakes.

You will make mistakes . Errors help show the property, create solutions and develop skills. So accept feedback grace take responsibility for making the changes and not make the same mistake again and again . Recognize direct and indirect signals that people give to their experience, skills , character and commitment. What might help to handle errors ?
FACT – 26 % of employees can not accept feedback . job

  • Splendid Idea 4 – Be aware of yourself . how

Continue to reflect and evaluate your personal work values ​​and their interests and skills, as it relates to the culture of the organization. If you delete your personal values ​​, which can jeopardize what you are and what you can contribute to the organization , which will lead to the career of sadness . What are the criteria that can be used to find out what is going well for you and what is not ? job
FACT – 15% have hired the right temperament for the job.

  • Awesome Idea 5 – Being a lifelong learner . how

Build your knowledge and talent. Keep up with trends in your field. Be the first to adopt new technologies , processes and skills . Generously share and enhance knowledge . Invite new learning opportunities . Stretch your mind. Get involved in your professional organization. What kind of student are you ?
FACT – 11% of the recruits do not have the necessary expertise . howYou are the person most invested in your future. Go ahead and run your happiness -worth it! I wish you career. job

How can you survive and thrive in your new job ?

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