Professionalism at work : myth , mystery or a necessity ?

work True professionalism is an interesting phenomenon and seems to disappear as art clerk. And not just because of recent college graduates who are new to the workplace . If new workers are not professionalism in action , it is unlikely that they will pick it up by accident or osmosis. Being professional does not mean you acquire a false facade used car salesman . work It requires that you become a yes -man or yes Automatic – woman either. Professionalism is not taught in college, but I’m starting to think I should be . Be professional at all times , while being willing to challenge the status quo requires nuance and subtlety . There is a fine line between innovation and insubordination . Professionalism 

  • Back Brooks Brothers suits and wingtips ? mystery

Instead of Professionalism 101 companies would do well to consider the establishment of a formal mentoring plan that could include seniors with a reputation for professionalism instill ideas about new employees over time . work The things that most people consider basic common sense , such as work habits and choice of clothing could be part of a continued emphasis on professionalism . work I know the trend of relaxation in the workplace will not change in the short term and not advocating a return to Brooks Brothers suits and wings … necessarily . 

Coincidentally , but it can quickly fall into vulgarity and before you know it the tramp stamp on the main points of discussion to inappropriate conversation and human resource becomes a deluge of complaints screen. work}}} The business of the 1950s and early 1960s compared safer appears uniform . Even the casual clothes of the time looks good today.  mystery

  • Dress codes remind us who we are Professionalism

The company in recent uniforms can be relegated to the dustbin of history , even forgot that the calculation rules and dinosaurs . And if you feel that way , you may be right . I was accused of being stretched and I ‘m closer to the dinosaur declare that I am my student years . But one thing is the dress code , though not written , was to remind people where they were . When you wear your suit and tie or a dress and cardigan , which helped him to put on a professional mindset . On a subconscious level , dress professionally helped us remember that we were not in our living rooms . He helped us take seriously. And when you take seriously what does a good job .

  • Clothing , including PCs, not make the man Professionalism

His words and actions are different when you dress in a professional manner when you are wearing ripped jeans and a shirt stained. It is a logical extension of his character. Which is , of course, is exactly why I never wore pajamas to class in college, even if it was the preferred choice of undergraduate clothes everywhere. I have never met a student wearing pajamas to class regularly makes the Dean’s List . But I digress . Clothing may not make the man . But dressing professionally can help a person to act in a more professional job . Professionalism

  • Mediocrity is the natural enemy of professionalism mystery

I would never say that professionalism should require you to become a clothes dryer . But how well dressed people in your company do a poor job ? I bet not many. And mediocrity seeps into the culture of the company at an alarming rate . You can start with relaxed dress codes business, but does not stop there . He begins to seep its way into the water cooler conversation through wrong and inappropriate humor has no place in a professional environment . Once on a roll , bad – as the natural enemy of professionalism – can continue their march to positive work attitudes fall into defeatism and corrodes the company within the culture . Professionalism

  • Final Thoughts mystery

Advocating a return to clothing companies long rates may seem anachronistic and unrealistic. But try to dress every day for a week and see if you notice a difference in your work. Clothes can be a small part of professionalism, but I think it’s an important part. And while you’re at it , if you are wearing a pair of polished wing tips can take you seriously , remove the nails and horse hair brush and get it . Professionalism

Professionalism at work : myth , mystery or a necessity ?

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