5 Reasons Your resume will get you noticed

  • Why not make your resume noticed ? get
I am a technical recruiter . I look at the CV all day . I worked for Con ex Europe as a specialized network of six years – . If I said I am probably 100 hp per day , the calculation is incredible – I looked somewhere in the region of 132,000 hp.

Why not your resume that leads to nowhere? Recruiters were conditioned to resume skimming . When you are looking at how much we do, it has to. But we also like CVs ‘ beautiful ‘ . The number of times you literally just click Disable a CV , as it is unacceptable is shocking , people need to realize that if I do you can bet your bottom dollar that end users also . resume

  • What should be in your resume , then? noticed
  • 1) Size get

The largest CV I saw was 37 pages . There was even a content page . Seriously, do you really think that your potential employer will kill a tree and print them back to the house for a little light reading before bed ? No. CV should be between 3 and 5 pages . resume

  • 2) Source noticed

Must be nice and easy on the eyes , Arial , Caliber , size about 10-11 . Why oh why do people do their CV in bold, italic , or worse TWO! However, that being said, I am a big fan of putting some skills or achievements in bold to draw the eyes.

  • 3 ) skills get

Do not put a grid of skills in your resume to the recruiter and the client can see , at a glance , if your technical skills are what they want. It lists all the programs you’ve seen in person , online, in a magazine, take advantage of those who excel . noticed}}}

  • 4) Mini -Sun

One of the most annoying of all time , not the buzzwords in the footer of your CV for 0.5 size to be indexed by robots or monster motor starts things . This is certainly not great, and really not so smart that end with recruiters scratching their heads as to why they look at your CV all the time, and eventually they will stop clicking in research !

  • 5 ) Format

Make your resume look good, all sources must be the same size , and should be free to follow this guide:

Name, address , phone number , email, Linked In (or other) profile. resume
Personal presentation , including its intended function
History of education , if you are proud of him, screaming!
Grid skills , nice and high on the homepage
Current employment , including company name , dates of employment and position
Previous job offers , as above
Hobby ( which allows the employer to see that you’re a human machine )
References allows the client / recruiter to see if you really are who you say !

More details on the resume format to what is the best format of resume?

Following these simple steps, you will have more opportunity for a recruiter to see your CV in the best light and the phone is ringing! noticed

5 Reasons Your resume will get you noticed

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